International Student Mentorship Program

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The International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) is designed to help international students develop friendships and adjust to their new learning and living environment. The mentors are Nipissing University are students who volunteer their time to help support you! Some mentors may have studied abroad and others might be interested in going overseas in the future, but all of them have an interest in meeting new people and learning about different cultures. The mentors are responsible for organizing trips, social events and activities for international students. We recommend all new international students participate in ISMP, but it is not mandatory.

Members of the ISMP team are also available throughout the school year to help answer any questions you may have about your courses, campus procedures, on- campus living, the North Bay community and much more!

The Nipissing International Support office will send you an email prior to your arrival at Nipissing University. You will have the opportunity to meet with the mentors and participate in individual meetings as well as group events. It is important to keep in mind that our mentors are students as well, and although they have schoolwork and jobs of their own, they will do their best to help meet your needs.

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Internationalizing Your Degree at Home

The International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) is a student volunteer program connecting international students with current Nipissing University students. The group provides international students with social activities, such as trips to Ottawa and Toronto, camping, skating in a provincial park and international potlucks throughout their time at Nipissing. This program also trains its mentors to connect international students with personal and academic supports available to them at the University. 

The program fosters and facilitates cross-cultural learning with a focus on supporting students with their transition to life in Canada and at Nipissing University. 

The International Student Mentorship Program is also a registered activity for Nipissing University’s Record of Student Development (RSD).​