Faculty of Arts and Science

Join innovative and intelligent students like you in the pursuit of a world-class degree in Arts and Science. Our faculty offers over 21 areas of study ranging from Biology to Sociology so no matter where your passion is we have a program for you.

  • Engage with some of the best educators and thought leaders with Nipissing small class sizes.
  • Benefit from personalized attention and in some cases even participate in graduate-level research.
  • Experience a truly unique setting with state-of-the-art facilities nestled in 256 acres of pristine forest.
  • If you love the outdoors and looking for a quality education Nipissing is for you
  • Guaranteed single room in residence for first year students admitted from high school

Office of the Faculty of Arts and Science

Dr. Pavlina Radia
Interim Dean of Arts and Science
Email: pavlinar@nipissingu.ca
Office: F207-1
Ext.: 4290


Sarah Tedesco
Office Administrator
Email: saraht@nipissingu.ca
Office: F207-A
Ext.: 4120


Diane Sheldon
Secretary, Office of Arts and Science 
Email: dianes@nipissingu.ca
Office: F207
Ext.: 4366

Dr. Andrew Weeks
Interim Associate Dean of Arts and Science
Email: andreww@nipissingu.ca
Office: F208-B
Ext.: 4208


Sandra Brownlee
Secretary, Dean of Arts and Science
Email: sandrab@nipissingu.ca
Office: F207
Ext.: 4291