Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Presented to an alumnus/ae whose achievement and excellence in their endeavours have distinguished themselves as a valued leader. The recipient will have demonstrated positive influence through their professional pursuits. As a result of their actions, the alumnus will have made a strong contribution to the prestige and reputation of Nipissing University.  The recipient may be an alumnus of one of the following institutions: North Bay Normal School, Teacher’s College, Nipissing University College or Nipissing University.

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*Please note that this award was previously known as the Distinguished Alumni Award. 

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award are:

2020 Dr. Thomsen D'Hont

2019 Alicia Gal

2017 Aengus Finnan

2015 Sylvie Vannier

2013 Kristopher Stevens and Rob Graham

2012 ​Paul Heinrich and Dr. Glynn Sharpe

2011 ​Ted Weltz

2010  Kimberly Burley and Judy Derick 

2007  Philomena Bonis

2006  Jamie Lim 

2004  Dr. Jeff Kleim

2003  Dr. Cecile Somme

2002  Dr. Laverne Smith and Dr. John R. McCarthy

2000  Professor Jack Jones

1999  Dr. Elizabeth Thorn​​​​​