Health Plan and Health Services

Health Plan​

A student health insurance plan is available to all students, part-time or full-time, which includes benefits such as; prescription drugs, coverage for health services such as physiotherapy and massage therapy (with physician referral), dental accident expense reimbursement, and benefits for accidental death and dismemberment (plan details may change and will be made available prior to enrolling). Students have the option to add on family and dependents. Student cards act as claim cards at pharmacies in most locations or manual claims can be made by submitting claim forms available in the NUSU Office.

Health plan information booklets can be picked up in the NUSU office or by calling toll free at 1-800-315-1108.

Visit the NUSU website for more information

Health Services

Campus Health Centre Room B205

A medical team is in attendance at the Campus Health Centre and available to all students Monday to Friday. Summer hours and evening clinics are offered.

Phone: 705-474-7600 x 5261​