Application Process - Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Apply Now - Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Congratulations on making a great decision to consider applying to our Indigenous Teacher Education Program! Upon completion of the ITEP, you will become a provincially certified elementary school teacher qualified to build strong and culturally-relevant learning environments for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.

How to Apply

Each component listed below is required unless indicated otherwise. Application components can be submitted together or separately, up until the final application deadline mid-May. Successful candidates will receive an offer letter clearly outlining the program of admission and other pertinent details.

Step 1: Application Form

Complete and submit the Indigenous Education Program Application Form.

Step 2: Proof of Indigenous Ancestry

ITEP applicants must provide proof of Indigenous ancestry. Proof can be emailed to OR submitted using the Application Attachments Form.

Step 3: Official Transcripts

Official transcripts from all institutions (domestic or international) previously or presently attended (secondary schools, colleges, and universities) must be sent directly to Nipissing University and must bear the official seal of that institution. Official transcripts can be emailed directly from the institution to Copies will not be accepted.

Step 4: Statement of Interest

ITEP applicants are required to submit a one-page typed statement that outlines the reasons for applying to the Indigenous Teacher Education Program. The completed document can be emailed to OR submitted using the Application Attachments Form.

Step 5: Funding Sponsorship Information Form (Optional)

If applicable, download or print the Funding Sponsorship Information Form and email the completed document to OR submit it using the Application Attachments Form.

Step 6: Proof of Name Change (Optional)

Proof of name change is required if academic documents show a name other than that under which your application is made (for example: marriage registration, notarized statements of legal name change or other legal documents). If applicable, submit proof of name change using the Application Attachments Form.