Disordered Eating and Body Image


Hanger Management
This book explores how mindful eating can affect your mental health and relationships; and it explores the themes of being "hangry" (a combination of hungry+angry), how overeating can lead you to feeling “regretfull” (getting overly full and regretting your behaviour), and “hangxiety” describing how allowing yourself to get overly hungry can make you feel anxious.
Sick Enough
Many people with eating disorders don't feel like they are "sick enough" to warrant professional help, but this book identifies warning signs and ways to cope that people with eating disorders and their supporters can use.



Phone(1-866-NEDIC-20), email (nedic@unh.ca), and live chat services are available (in EST): 9AM - 9PM Monday to Thursday, 9AM - 5PM on Friday and 12PM - 5PM on Saturday and Sunday



Peace Meal
Peace Meal covers topics related to eating disorders, body image issues, and how society may contribute to distorted thinking. Join host Claire Holtz as she sits down with eating disorder field leaders, medical professionals, and those in recovery to shed a light on eating disorders, body-related biases, and so much more! Listen from their website or download from your preferred podcast platform. 



Recovery Record
This app records your moods, eating habits, and thoughts for you to compare how your mental health fluctuates with your food intake. 
Rise Up + Recover
This app allows you to track your thoughts and eating habits and allows you to monitor your own progress and export information as PDFs to share with professional support staff.


Support Organizations

NEDIC has up-to-date information about eating disorders, including warning signs and descriptions, as well as helplines, support resources, and coping strategy recommendations.

Body Brave
We help people recover from eating disorders. Through treatment, training and education, we are working to end the suffering they cause. We are a charitable organization making big changes thanks to our passionate community of volunteers, students, healthcare providers, people with lived experience, parents and donors. We welcome all bodies and are weight inclusive and proudly 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly. Our services are all virtual and available for people aged 17+, free of charge or covered by OHIP.

Campus Health Centre
Website/Internal Resource
A medical team is in attendance at the Campus Health Centre and available to all students Monday to Friday. Summer hours and evening clinics are offered.
Visit their webpage for further information.


Videos and Movies

To the Bone
To the Bone follows Ellen, a person with an eating disorder, on her journey through therapy; navigating new friendships, difficult family dynamics, and sometimes overwhelming affection on the way.
Trust Your Hunger and Make Peace with Food
In this TED Talk, Eve Lahijani shares how making peace with your food and learning more about a healthy relationship with your eating helps to maintain a better mindset and lifestyle