Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

  • Elizabeth Elliott (MESc) – Reconstructing spatial patterns of fire intensity from remote sensing data and stable oxygen istopes in wood char. Co-supervised by with Dr. Elizabeth Webb, Department of Earth Sciences, Western University.
  • Dawson Meecham (MESc) – Assessing location, condition and vegetation recovery on forest roads in the boreal and Great Lakes – St Lawrence regions.


  • Kathleen Woodhouse (BSc) – Investigating the divergence problem in tree species of the boreal forest of northeastern Ontario across a gradient of moisture regimes.

Past Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Bharat Pokharel (2009-2013). Growth and wood quality modelling of boreal tree species.

Visiting Students

  • Liang Shi (2018-19). Visiting PhD student, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China. Forest dynamics in response to environmental change in the coniferous forests of northeast China.

Graduate Students

  • Tegan McWhirter (MESc 2021) – Analyzing stable oxygen isotopes in wood char to reconstruct past fire conditions. Co-supervised by with Dr. Elizabeth Webb, Department of Earth Sciences, Western University.
  • Amanda Springer (MESc 2019) - Multivariate approach to describing the regeneration niche of Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra Marsh) in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest.
  • Rebecca Wylie (MESc 2019) - Estimating stand age from airborne laser scanning data to improve ecosite-based models of black spruce wood quality in the boreal forest of Ontario.
  • Mandy Ehnes (MESc 2017) - Acoustic Monitoring of Bird Community Composition in Emerald Ash Borer Damaged and at Risk Southern Ontario Forests.
  • Corinne Arthur (MESc 2015) –  Species composition drives ecological stability in dry forests of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence forest region of Ontario, Canada. 
  • Amanda Paulin (MES 2014) - Ontario forest products: place branding and certification.
  • Elisha Townshend (MESc 2013) - Ecologically-based modelling of wood fibre length in black spruce (Picea mariana).

Technical Support

  • Jacob McAneney (2009-15). Research Assistant, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Youth Intern.
  • Michelle Bowman (2012-13). FedNor Youth Internship.
  • Melissa Lacey (2009-10). Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Youth Intern.
  • Paul Courville (2008-11). Forest Bioproducts Associate.


  • 2021. Hunter Mosher. Climate variability and growth in black spruce (Picea mariana) and jack pine (Pinus banksiana) in the boreal forest of northeastern Ontario over the 20th century.
  • 2021. Kyesha Fong. Impacts of Climate Change on the Frequency & Severity of Spruce Needle Rust (Chrysomyxa ledi) on Spruce Trees (Picea spp.)
  • 2019. Breanna Craig. Defoliation of Boreal Forest Stands During Spruce Budworm Outbreaks In Relation To Site Quality
  • 2019. Jerret Johns. Coppice Growth of Quercus rubra, Acer rubrum, Acer saccharum under uniform shelterwood and group selection partial harvest treatments in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest region.
  • 2015. Christopher Carr. Diversity and stability in tree seedling assemblages exposed to controlled drought.
  • 2012. Chloe Lajoie. Reconstruction of Forest Tent Caterpillar (Malacosoma disstria Hbn.) outbreaks and their effects on Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) growth in relation to stand and site factors in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence and Boreal regions of Ontario, Canada.
  • 2011. Elisha Townshend. Stand dynamics of Black Ash swamps and their influence on habitat quality for flooded jellyskin (Leptogium rivulare).
  • 2011. Jacob McAneney. Examining historical climate trends in the Great Lakes – St Lawrence region of central Ontario based on reconstruction of radial growth from very old conifers in ridgetop forests.
  • 2010. Steve Simpson. Amphibian Activity in Skidder Trails in Central Ontario Hardwood Forests
  • 2010. Whitney Winsor. Quantifying Variation in the Wood Quality Black Spruce (Picea mariana) and Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) in Relation to Site Conditions in the Boreal Forest of Northeastern Ontario.
  • 2010. Shawn Mayhew-Hammond. Predictive Habitat Modeling of Canada Yew (Taxus canadensis Marsh.) in the boreal forest of northeastern Ontario.
  • 2010. Cora Murray. Dendrochronological analysis of Taxus canadensis in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest Region.
  • 2009. Scott Perry. Determining the effect of species richness and composition on forest productivity and stability in the boreal forest of Ontario.
  • 2009. Paul Courville. Determining crown attributes and aboveground biomass in Black Spruce at different spacing using terrestrial LiDAR.
  • 2008. Thomas Quint. Cover to biomass conversion tool for Canada Yew (Taxus canadensis) inventories in the northeastern boreal forest.