Help with eRezLife

​eRezLife Application Instructions for Returning Residents and First-time Residents:

Information for Returning Residents

Logging back into eRezLife:

Students returning to residence can log back in to their eRezLife account by visiting and entering their Nipissing University student email address as their log in, and the password they created in their previous application cycle.

Updating your Personal Information and Living Preferences:

Students who are hoping to return to residence may wish to update their information and living preferences. To do this, log in to eRezlife and click on “Profile” in the sidebar under the heading “General”. From here, you can input your updated information. Please note that this is not your residence application. Remember to click “Save” before exiting. Additionally, you can update your important contact information by clicking on “My housing profile questions” in the sidebar under the heading “Housing”. From here you can update your contact and emergency contact information. Please ensure that your contact information in your “Profile” matches the contact information you have provided in “My housing profile questions”. Always click “Save” before exiting.

Requesting a Specific Room in Residence:

Returning students may make requests for specific rooms within a residence complex.  Please note that while Residence will try to accommodate these requests, they are not guaranteed. To request a specific room, first log in to eRezlife and open your Residence Application (located under the heading “Housing” in the sidebar). Once you’ve opened your Residence Application, you will be asked to rank your preferred residence complexes. Once you’ve completed this step, click on “Continue to: Application form”. Under the heading “Application Information”, you will see a box that allows you to type room requests (example: building name, suite/house number, bedroom letter/number).

Requesting Specific Roommates:

To request specific roommates, you and all desired members must first complete and submit your Residence Application. When you have completed this step, you will have access to the “Roommate Group” tool, located under the heading “Housing” in the left sidebar on eRezLife.  Only one person in your roommate group needs to create the Roommate Group, and all members must accept the invitation to the group. When you’ve clicked on “Roommate Group”, click on “create new roommate group”. You will need to give your roommate group a name, and then add members by inputting the email exactly as they have it written in their own eRezLife application (copying and pasting is recommended). You do not have to fill a suite or townhouse in order to be a roommate group, however, please note that Residence will fill the remaining rooms. Once you’ve completed the roommate group, click “Save”. If you receive an error message, it is likely that an email has been entered incorrectly and/or a member of your group has not completed and submitted their application. When you have successfully created the roommate group, it will appear in the roommate group menu. All members must consent to joining the group by ensuring that they have selected the roommate group in the “My Choice” menu. When this is done, there will be a green checkmark next to the roommate group. If you do not wish to be a part of a roommate group to which you have been added, ensure that the green checkmark is next to “no choice” in the roommate group menu.

Information for First Time Residents

Creating your account:

First-time residents need to create an eRezLife account in order to complete a Residence Application. To create an account, visit Click on the green “Activate Account” button. Enter the exact email address you used on your Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) application, and the 6-digit Nipissing ID you have been assigned (do not include the “0” that precedes your ID).  When you have done so, click on “Activate account”.

Accessing the application:

After you have created an eRezLife account, you can access your Residence Application by first logging in to eRezLife and then clicking on “Nipissing University Residence Application (year)” under the heading “Housing” on the left-hand sidebar. If you are eligible to apply, you will see the green “apply now” button. Ensure that all of your information has been inputted correctly before continuing to the application. Please note that the information that has been added to your profile does not mean that you have applied to residence. You must complete your Residence Application in order to successfully apply. Once you complete your application and submit it, you will receive a confirmation number, as well as a confirmation email.

Requesting your preferred Residence building:

First-time residents can rank their top three preferred Residence complexes. To do this, log in to your eRezLife account and access your application by clicking on “Nipissing University Residence Application (year)” under the heading “Housing” in the left-hand sidebar. When you have opened your application, you will first be asked to rank your building preferences: Chancellors House, Founders House, and Governors House. Please note that building preferences are not guaranteed, however we will try our best to accommodate requests.

Requesting specific roommates:

Residence matches students with roommates based on the living preferences they provide in their application, however, residents are welcome to request a specific roommate or roommates.  To request a roommate or roommates, you and your desired roommate(s) must first complete and submit your residence application. When you have done this, you will see the “Roommate group” option appear in the left-hand sidebar under the heading “Housing”.  Click on this. Only one person needs to create the roommate group. Click on “create new roommate group”, give your group a name that everyone in your desired group will recognize, and enter your desired roommates’ emails exactly as they have provided on their own eRezLife Residence Application (copying and pasting is recommended).  After you have done this, click “Save”. You do not need to have a roommate group of four individuals to create a roommate group (ie: your group can be you and one other person, or you and two other people), however, Residence will fill any remaining rooms in your assigned suite. If you receive an error message, it is likely because an email was entered incorrectly and/or someone in your desired group has not yet completed and submitted their Residence Application.  When you are successful in creating the roommate group, you and your desired group members need to make sure that your group is checked off with a green checkmark in the “roommate groups” menu. All members must consent to joining a roommate group, however, if you do not wish to be a part of a roommate group you have been invited to, ensure that the green checkmark is placed on “No Choice” in the “roommate groups” menu.

Paying your deposit:

Payments can be made in person to the Finance Office, by mail, or through online banking. The quickest and easiest way to pay your residence deposit is through online banking. To make a payment via online banking, log onto your banking website and click on Bill Payments. Next, click on add a payee and set Nipissing University up as a payee.  It will as you for your 7-digit account number, enter your Nipissing Student number including the 0. Once you submit the payment, it will take approximately 48 hours to be posted to your student account.