All Gender Housing in Residence at Nipissing University

Nipissing University Residence Life strives to offer diversity within our community and therefore believe that students should live in an environment that is inclusive of their gender identity. We offer students the option of living in an all-gender suite/house.

Here are some questions that you may have about our all-gender housing.  If you have any further questions please email us at

Gender Definitions:

Cis Female or Cis Male: Self-identification with the gender assigned to one at birth (for
example, a person born with a body labeled female who identifies as a woman, or a person born
with a body labeled male who identifies as a man)

Non-Binary: A non-binary person is someone whose gender identity is neither male nor female,
or a mix of the two.

Trans Female: A person who was born with a body labeled male, but who identifies as a
woman. Trans female may self-identify simply as women.

Trans Male: A person who was born with a body labeled female, but who identifies as a man.
Trans males may self identify simply as men.

Two Spirit: This is an umbrella term that seeks to encompass a wide variety of sexually and
gender diverse identity concepts from numerous Indigenous cultures and languages. The word
“two-spirit” is derived from the concept of having both a male and female spirit.

Am I required to indicate my gender on the eRezLife application?

No, students are not required to enter their gender, however if they choose the option of “Do Not Wish to Identify” they will be placed in an all-gender suite. If you wish to live specifically with students of the same gender identity as you, we ask that you identify your gender in the
eRezLife application so we can match your gender identities.

What is an all-gender Suite/House?

An all-gender suite/house is a suite/house in Residence that would consist of 4-6 roommates of any gender identity.

How do I apply to live in an All-Gender Suite/House?

On the eRezLife application there is a question which asks “I would like to live in an all-gender suite/house” All students wishing to live in an all-gender suite/house must have answered yes to this question.

Does choosing an all-gender Suite/House limit my choice of complex or townhouse?

No, all-gender suites/houses are located in all complexes of Residence.