Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP)

Public Accountability and Transparency Requirement

To be eligible for the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP), all participating institutions are required to clearly publish on their public facing websites information stipulated by the program to ensure Public Accountability and Transparency in the management of their chair allocations.

As of 2021, this requirement will be applied to all institutions that participate in the program, including institutions with less than 5 chairs as stipulated by the 2019 Addendum.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment Statement

Equity and diversity are embedded in the Nipissing University culture. As an institution deeply rooted in diversity, we embrace and value the offerings of our students, faculty, and staff. Collectively contributing to academic and research, work and campus life, Nipissing University has established an equal opportunity environment that is reflective of Indigenous peoples, women, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

Our Canada Research Chairs reflect and embrace our culture and aspire to contribute to improving the diverse lives of our local, national, and international communities.​​​

Awareness Strategy

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the Canada Research Chair Program and broader research enterprise

To raise awareness of its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion within the Canada Research Chair Program and in the broader research enterprise, Nipissing University will implement the following:

  • Members of the CRC selection committees will complete the Unconscious Bias Training Module, which could also be used by other internal faculty hiring committees;
  • Members of the CRC selection committees will ensure they are familiar with and use the best practices in the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: A Best Practices Guide for Recruitment, Hiring and Retention, which could be used by other internal faculty hiring committees;  
  • The Human Resources & Equity Advisor will participate in the recruitment and renewal of all CRC positions at the institution;
  • Post the annual reports provided to the CRCP on our website;
  • Work on an EDI and CRCP Action Plan;
  • Support and promote specific EDI initiatives in research;
  • Include an employment equity commitment statement on all job postings to promote self-identification and encourage equity-deserving groups to apply.
  • Provide additional EDI related resources to search committees which may include additional training or the creation of a faculty hiring handbook.
  • In the broader research enterprise or University community, the Human Resources department provides a monthly EDI newsletter that includes training and additional professional development opportunities.
  • Involve the Nipissing University Research Committee with the annual review and revisions of the internal CRC Management Policy.

Progress Report

Monitoring and Addressing Concerns

Nipissing University has recently established a new policy called the Respectful Workplace and Learning Environments Policy. This policy is maintained by the Human Resources department, in consultation with various stakeholders and the Joint Health and Safety Committee. The Vice-President, Finance & Administration may approve non-materials changes to the policy, and any substantive changes will require approval from the Board of Governors.

The Respectful Workplace and Learning Environments Policy outlines the Universities position on discrimination, systemic harassment/discrimination, Ontario Human Right Code based harassment, racism/racial discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual and Gender-based harassment, workplace harassment, bullying, academic bullying, negative/poisoned environment, and respectful workplace and learning conduct. This policy outlines the responsibilities that employees, contractors, volunteers, students, and visitors are responsible for as well as supervisor, department heads and Deans.

Remedies provided for under this Policy are intended:

  1. to resolve complaints fairly and acceptably;
  2. to recommend appropriate disciplinary measures for individuals who are found to have committed acts of harassment or discrimination; and
  3. to prevent acts of harassment or discrimination.

The reporting procedures are outlined in the policy through points 1 to 7. The Director, Human Resources is involved throughout the process with assistance from the Human Resources & Equity Advisor. If required, the Vice-President, Finance & Administration will appoint an investigation team and coordinator the process. All documentation relating to formal written complaints and investigations will be kept in the Human Resources office. In certain circumstances, it may be deemed appropriate to request the assistance of an external investigator or mediator.

Equity Targets and Gaps

Please note that institutions with less than five chairs must withhold specific information from the target setting methodology and equity target and gap data in order to protect the privacy of chairholders.

Staffing of CRC Positions

The institutions policies and processes that govern the staffing of CRCs is not published on our website. The staffing of Nipissing University CRCs follows the Canada Research Chair Program (CRCP) policies, the applicable Nipissing University Faculty Association, collective agreement(s) and our Human Resource recruitment and selection policies and best practices.

For more information, please contact Traci Malkowski, Human Resources & Equity Advisor.

Utilization Spreadsheet

Convergence# 102504 102501 100212 102503
Utilization by
Name of Chairholder Zarifa, David Greer, Kirsten   Bruner, Mark W.
Type Renewal Renewal   Renewal
Cycle 2019-2 2019-2   2019-2
Start Date
01-Jul-20 01-Jul-20   01-Jul-20
Start Date
01-Jul-20 01-Jul-20   01-Jul-20
End Date 30-Jun-26 30-Jun-26   30-Jun-26
yes yes   yes
Final Renewal
submission date
Not Applicable Not Applicable   Not Applicable
Utilization 2 2 2 2
Individual Comments SECOND TERM -
No Further
Renewal Possible
No Further
Renewal Possible
No Further
Renewal Possible

Resources Page

Contact Information

Traci Malkowski  – Human Resources & Equity Advisor (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Representative)

  • Responsible for monitoring and implementing the Canada Research Chair Program mandatory requirements and following the Best Practices Guide to Recruitment, Hiring & Retention.

Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff – Provost and Vice-President, Academic (Senior Level Representative)

  • Responsible for implementing the institution’s equity, diversity and inclusion agenda.

Dr. Barbi Law – Associate Vice-President, Research, Innovation & Graduate Studies

Canada Research Chair Opportunities

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