Parking Services and Permit FAQ

Where do I find my Parking ID?

Login to WebAdvisor and choose your point of entry (Student, Faulty, Staff, etc.) - from there on the right column under PARKING, select Register for Parking / What is my Parking ID ?

What is the cost for a parking permit?

Parking permit costs vary depending on the parking lots you are eligible for. Parking permits can be purchased online with Visa or Master card. There are other options including cash or debit when paying in person at the security office, select “other” within the online parking permit system. Full time faculty/staff purchasing a yearly pass may use the “payroll deduct” option.

What information is required to obtain a disabled parking space?

Online applications are to be completed and filled out. Payment by credit card can be made online or by clicking other. Once the application is complete the permit can be picked up with Confirmation number and your valid Disabled parking pass at the Security and Parking services office.

Where do I fill out a parking application?

All parking applications are all filled out online at

When can I pick up my parking permit?

Parking passes can be picked up immediately after purchase with the Order Confirmation email and/or a valid photo ID.

Which lots are best for a Nipissing student to park in?

As a Nipissing student, the parking lot choices available are Lot # 1, Lot #5, and Lot #9.

My car requires a plug in spot during the winter months. Who do I contact to obtain a spot?

Plug in spots can be purchased through your residence office. Bring your valid Parking pass with you to purchase a plug in spot.

I am living in lower residence; do I need to purchase 2 parking permits?

If you are living in residence and plan on driving your vehicle to The Education Centre, Monastery Hall, Nipissing Athletic Centre, Harris Learning Library, Aviation or Commerce Court, you will be required to purchase a Residence Parking pass for Lower residence, Founders House, or Chancellors House. This Residence Parking pass will feature a designated parking lot (located on the back of the pass) that is valid for campus parking.

If I go to different campuses, do I need more than one permit? What is my best option if I go to TEC and Monastery or TEC?

Monastery parking permits are valid for use at The Education Centre Campus parking lot #5. Aviation campus and Commerce Court Campus are valid for use in Lot #9 at The Education Centre. Education Centre permits can be used at both the Commerce Court and Aviation Campuses.