Seleucid Workshop Summer 2016

Recent Trends in Seleukid Studies

12-5pm, June 17th, 2016, Nipissing University, A224

The Classical Studies Department at Nipissing University is pleased to announce the summer workshop on Recent Trends in Seleukid Studies, which will be held at Nipissing University on June 17th, 2016 (Room A224, 12:00 – 5:00 pm). The Seleukid Empire was a vast kingdom carved out of the remnants of the conquests of Alexander the Great in 311 BCE, and at its greatest extent it stretched from Asia Minor and Syria in the West to India in the East and from Central Asia in the North to the Arab peninsula in the South, encompassing a myriad of polities, languages in cultures. Yet in spite of its great extent and longevity, very little is known about this diverse and remarkable empire, owing mainly to the scarcity and highly fragmented character of the source material. It is the goal of the Seleukid Study Group, an international body of researchers based in Europe and North America, to shed new light on this politically and culturally important polity. The summer workshop is not bound to a particular theme but will entail the discussion of research in a wide area of Seleukid Studies. The purpose of the summer workshop will be to showcase to faculty, students, and the wider public some of the exciting new approaches to the study of the Seleukid Empire in anticipation of the main Seleukid Study Day VI conference to be held at Nipissing University in 2017. A tentative list of speakers and topics is as follows.

  • Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing) & Altay Coskun (Waterloo): Introduction
  • Paul Monaghan (Nipissing): Theaters and Theater in the Hellenistic East
  • Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing): Mapping the Ancient World – A New Digital Mapping Project and Its Benefits for Seleukid Studies
  • Altay Coskun (Waterloo): Bigamy and Seleukid Queenship under Antiochos II
  • Del John Houle (McMaster): Military Service and Expressions of Belonging in the Second Century
  • Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing): Some Methodological Considerations for Identifying Resistance to Seleukid Hegemony
  • Round Table: Towards Seleukid Study VI: Seleukid Ideology – Reception and Resistance (Nipissing, Oct. 2017)

Abstracts for each of the papers and a finalized program will follow shortly. Refreshments will be available. Please inform us if you plan to attend and direct any questions about the upcoming event to either Richard Wenghofer at or Altay Coskun at