Biidaaban Academic Support

Biidaaban Academic Support (BAS) is a tutoring program for local Indigenous youth in grades 1 to 12, with a focus on mathematics and literacy. Nipissing University student volunteers offer one-on-one support, in-person or virtually, either during the school day, or after school hours.  

Parents/Guardians: Register your child for tutoring

Please complete the registration form below and email to the Biidaaban Community Service-Learning Officer, at

Biidaaban Academic Support Registration Form

Program Dates

October 2023 to March 2024. Schedules are adapted to student needs and availability. 

Program Locations (schools)

North Bay, Sturgeon Falls and Nipissing First Nation.  

Eligible schools: Schools fall within the Near North District School Board, Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, and Nipissing First Nation.

Become a Tutor (for Nipissing University Students)

Open to all Nipissing University students. Register as a tutor by contacting the Biidaaban Community Service-Learning Officer in the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, at, or drop-in at F215-D, in the Office of Indigenous Initiatives. You will be asked to participate in a casual interview. 

Please bring:

  1. A copy of a valid Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)
  2. Your class schedule 

Community impact

In order for us to measure the impact of tutoring supports for Indigenous youth and tutors, it is important for tutors to record their work by submitting tutoring reports online. Submit Tutor Report

On average, students tutor for 1-3 hours per week throughout the school year.

Benefits of becoming a Tutor

Support Community

  • Connect with real people, share in their experiences, learn from them
  • Provide human resources where there is a need
  • Enhance social awareness and sense of responsibility
  • Get to know your community beyond the campus

Professional Development

  • Meet people and network
  • Learn from experience  
  • Develop skills and broaden knowledge (critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communication)

Personal Growth

  • Gain perspective
  • Assess your strengths, motivations and passions
  • Increase understanding of concepts learned in class
  • Get to know yourself in different contexts and in relation to others


The Office of Indigenous Initiatives recognizes the volunteer work of students in community. Biidaaban Academic Support is RSD approved. 

For tutors who complete 10 hours or more of tutoring: you could be eligible to receive free training (webinars, workshops, etc.) including Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, StraightTalk, SafeTalk, Tattered Teddies, First Aid and CPR, inclusive language, etc.

Emailing the Biidaaban Community Service-Learning Officer, at for further information.

Tutor Training

In order to qualify for the Biidaaban Academic Support program, we ask that you take the time to view these 3 mandatory workshops (videos), and register for at least one cultural activity from the table below:   

Duty to Report (15 minutes, youtube video)

Tutoring 101 (53 minutes, youtube video)





M or V



Sept 15th 2023 

All Day

Welcome pow wow  



Pond or Surtees Gym

Sept 22nd or Sept 25th 2023 


Medicine Wheel Teaching with Elder Mike Couchie- TBD 



F-215 G 

Sept 27th 2023  

1:30pm- 3pm

Duty to Report Session   




Sept 28th  2023 


Orange Shirt Day: Gathering at the Tipi




October 2nd 2023 


Duty to Report Q&A Period  


In person  


Oct 2nd 2023 

11:30 am- 12:45pm 

Developing Healthy Boundaries (registration required, email





Oct 3rd 2023 

1pm - 3pm

Student and staff sharing circle/ check in with Maurice 



Tipi - Library

Oct 4th 2023 


Sexual Violence Prevention and Education/ Intro to Allyship (registration required, email



 F 214 

Oct 6th 2023 

9am- 10:15pm

Nature Walk and Activity Plan 



F 215

Oct 6th 2023 

10:30am- 12pm

Mentorship and Communication Skills 






Support links:


Teaching through the 4 Rs of Indigenous Education 

Indigenous Resource Guide

To register, or for more information, email Demi Mathias, Biidaaban Community Service-Learning Officer, at


Niminowaazmin (Year-end celebration)

Niminowaazmin is the Office of Indigenous Initiatives' year-end celebration for Biidaaban youth programs including Biidaaban Youth Group and Biidaaban Academic Support, honouring the successes of participating youth, their families, as well as our partners, tutors, student volunteers and employees. 

Niminowaazmin is an Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) word that means "we are celebrating".

Virtual and in person activities to include traditional teachings, cultural and artistic activities, games, and door prizes. 

When: 11am - 2pm, March 23th, 2023 

Where: TBD

RSVP: Contact Ricki-Lee Scheck, Student Placement Coordinator, at


Biidaaban Academic Support is presented in partnership with the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, the Near North District School Board, the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, and Nbisiing Secondary School at Nipissing First Nation. 

For more information, contact the Biidaaban Community Service-Learning Officer, 705-474-3450 x4586 /