Meet the Staff

Residence Life Team

Manager, Residence Life

The Manager, Residence Life oversees the residence operations to ensure that the residence experience is positive for all students. The Manager is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction to the organization and ensuring that residence life contributes to the success of students while at Nipissing University.

Residence Life and Admissions Coordinator

The Residence Life & Admissions Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all recruitment events, room assignment, and communication processes for the residences at Nipissing University. The Coordinator strives to engage students through a variety of communication methods, including social media. The Coordinator works with other members of the residence life team to ensure a positive experience for students at Nipissing University.

Supervisor, Residence Services

The Supervisor, Residence Services is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the residence front desks and services operation at all residence complexes. The Supervisor works with members of the residence life team and supervises the Residence Clerks and Residence Office Assistants to ensure a positive customer service experience for students at Nipissing University.

Supervisor, Residence Student Conduct

The Supervisor, Residence Student Conduct is responsible for upholding the Residence Community Living Standards through educational response to student conduct concerns. The Supervisor is also responsible for evaluating and enhancing residence safety through policy and procedure development, as well as preventative and harm reduction education.

Supervisor, Residence Student Education

The Supervisor, Residence Student Education is responsible for overseeing programs, initiatives, and activities to support residential students and student employees in achieving success. The Supervisor is responsible for the development, implementation, and assessment of all community development frameworks, academic initiatives, and living-learning communities. The Supervisor works with the Residence Programming Coordinator to ensure that there are events that encourage student success.

Residence Programming Coordinator

The Residence Programming Coordinator advises the Residents’ Council to ensure a variety of events are coordinated in each residence throughout the academic year. The RPC is also responsible for ensuring that residents are provided with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

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Supervisor, Residence Life

Supervisors, Residence life are staff members with extensive training and experience in residence life and working with university students. They directly supervise the Residence Dons, Academic Dons, Living-Learning Community Dons, and Community Advisors. Additionally, they work with students in their assigned residence community to uphold the Residence Community Living Standards, develop a community atmosphere, and are available to assist with issues as they arise.

Residence Clerk

Residence Clerks provide administrative support to the day to day operations for their assigned residence complex(es). Clerks are available at the front desk of each residence complex to answer questions, sign out equipment, and assist students as needs arise.

Residence Maintenance Team

The Supervisor, Residence Maintenance oversees all maintenance and custodial work within the residences. Residence Caretakers are responsible for all maintenance concerns in the residence as well as the general upkeep of the common areas. When a maintenance concern arises students are asked to complete a Maintenance Request Form.

Residence Life Student Team

Residence Dons

Residence Dons are upper year students who are responsible for developing a positive community in the section that they live in. Dons are a friendly face in the community, available to provide advice, support, and a listening ear. Additionally, Dons work with students in their section to hold activities, and ensure that the Residence Community Living Standards are upheld. Trained to respond to emergency situations, there is a Residence Don on Duty each weekday evening in your complex between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. and throughout the weekend. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Don on Duty at

  • Chancellors House | 705-471-5314
  • Founders House | 705-471-5319
  • Governors House | 705-493-6478
  • Townhouse Residence Complex | 705-4715312

Academic Dons

Academic Dons are upper year students who are responsible for enhancing the academic community in residence. They work with other members of the residence life student team to ensure that there are academic events, initiatives, and study groups that meet the needs of the students in their assigned residence complex. Academic Dons hold office hours each week in their residence complex and are trained to assist students in connecting to various academic support services on campus.

Community Assistants

There is one Community Assistant assigned to each residence complex. These student leaders, having been a Residence Don for at least one year, provide support to the residence life team through residence initiatives and administrative assistance. CAs work closely with the Supervisors, Residence Life to enforce the Residence Community Living Standards and to assist the Don teams in developing community within the complex.

Residence Office Assistants

Residence Office Assistants are student staff members who assist with the day-to-day operation of the residence front desk. ROAs work evening and night shifts that allow the residence front desks to remain open for extended hours. ROAs are available to answer questions, sort mail, sign out equipment, make laundry change, and provide assistance to residents as needed.

Residents' Council President

There is one Residents' Council President. The President, having experienced one year as a Residents' Council Executive, provides support to the Residents' Council Team and acts as a liaison to the Residence Programing Coordinator professional staff member to provide insights to social programming, events, and initiatives in the residences. The President also supports the Residents' Council Team by receiving feedback and ideas to improve the residence student experience and advocates for these ideas in meetings with the Manager, Residence Life.

Residents’ Council Executives

There is one Residents' Council Complex Executive in each residence building, and one Vice-President Finance and Administration. The VP Finance and Administration supports the Complex Executives through budgeting and supporting collaborative residence-wide programming. The Complex Executives have a passion for programming and are excited to help you make your year in residence memorable. They provide social programming, help develop your community, respond to the needs of residents, enrich the student experience, and maintain a community that fosters mutual respect. The Complex Executives facilitate a Social Committee in their assigned building that all residents are encouraged to join and attend to plan engaging events, discuss ideas, and positively shape their residence experience.