NU Listens


NU Listens is a Nipissing University program that informs Students that we care about their well-being. 

It invites students to seek out supportive helpers, and trained listeners. 

NU Listens events provide opportunities for campus wide dialogue about positive mental health, safety and wellness.

NU Listeners aim to help ensure students receive the appropriate supports.

NU Listener identification​

You can identify faculty and staff who have been trained to respond and refer you to resources by an NUListens sign in their work-space. 

NU Listens Desk Sign


Who are listeners? 

Caring Nipissing University Faculty and Staff 

What is their role? 

  • Listen to students reaching out for support​​
  • Help make referrals to services ​ 

How to become an NUlistener?

Faculty and Staff who are interested in learning more about becoming an NU listener can contact us at for the training materials.


NU Listens events and programming are designed to make students aware of the importance of their 
whollistic well-being, and the of variety of support services available to them on campus. 

Students can identify events coordinated through the NU Listens program by the logo displayed alongside event information and materials.

If you are in immediate danger or a life-threatening situation, CALL 911

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