The ClockWork portal is an application that supports Nipissing University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office, which helps the diverse student body achieve their academic goals and overcome barriers by providing accommodations for students with disabilities but also additional support for students facing sudden barriers in university.

Clockwork Portal Links

How To’s for Faculty

Faculty Portal Instructions

Below is the link to the faculty portal along with detailed instructions and a video.

Faculty Portal

Detailed Instructions:

This tutorial goes over how to download your students Letters and Accommodation through our faculty portal.

How To’s for Students


No registration is required; students can log into the portal with their Nipissing University credentials. Your access will be limited if you have not completed your registration with Student Accessibility Services. All students can use the portal to sign up to be a Volunteer Peer Note Sharer.

New SAS students (students who do not yet have a profile with Student Accessibility Services), schedule an appointment by completing the Online Self Identification Form to get started. Our office will reach out to you once this form is received to schedule your initial appointment.

Book an Appointment

  1. Access the Nipissing University ClockWork website.
  2. Select, select “Book an Appointment” and choose the type of appointment you want (in person or online), with whom, the date, and confirm.
    Your upcoming appointments are visible in the “My Schedule” module in ClockWork.

Detailed instructions: 

This video will go over how to schedule your own appointment with your Accessibility Consultant using the online Clockwork Portal for Nipissing University.

Review and Confirm your Accommodations

All students who have been registered with Student Accessibility Services must review and confirm their accommodations for each new semester. This can be done through the new “Accommodations - Review and Confirm” module in Clockwork.

Through this module, you will be able to select from your approved academic accommodations from the previous term, the accommodations you would like access to for each of your courses this term. Requesting your course accommodations are a requirement. You will not have access to the following until this step is done: 

  • Scheduling your tests and exams
  • Note-taking services through Clockwork
  • Requesting Textbook in alternate format

Detailed instructions:

This video will go over how to review and confirm your accommodations for the academic term.

SAS Forms

If you have note taking or testing accommodations you will need to complete your Agreement Forms before you can start to access these supports. 

  1. In ClockWork, select the “SAS Forms” module.
  2. Select the forms you need to complete.
  3. Follow the steps to acknowledge your responsibilities.

Detailed instructions:

Student Files

If you have documentation to share with your Accessibility Consultant instead of faxing or e-mailing you can directly add the documents to your student file here.

  1. In ClockWork, select the “Student Files” module.
  2. To upload files to the portal, simply use the section on the left.
  3. The files shared by SAS with you are located in the Shared with You section on the right.

Detailed instructions:

Schedule a Test or Exam

You must complete your accommodation renewal process for the course, and have a signed SAS Testing Agreement located in the "SAS Forms" section of the portal before you will be able to schedule a test.

  1. In ClockWork, select "Book a Test".
  2. Select "Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz".
  3. Select your course and enter the course and accommodation information. 
  4. Confirm and Complete Test/Exam Booking.

You can view your booked exams in "My Upcoming Events" in the "Book a Test" module or by clicking the "My Schedule" module.

Detailed instructions: 

This video will instruct students on how to schedule midterms, quizzes and exams in the Nipissing University Clockwork Portal.

Request a Note Taker

If you have the peer note-sharing or paid note-taking accommodation:

  1. Ensure you have completed the "Accommodation - Review and Confirm" module and ensure that "Allow Access to Online Note Taker Module" has been selected for the course in which you wish to request notes.
  2. In ClockWork, select the "Course Notes" module.
  3. Your list of courses appears. Request a note taker for each course that you require a note-taker.

Detailed instructions:

This video will go over how to request a Note Taker through the Clockwork portal. This must be completed for each course you require a Note Taker in.


Access Notes

If you have the peer note-sharing or paid note-taking accommodation:

  1. In ClockWork, select the "Course Notes" module.
  2. Select the "Courses/notes" tab.
  3. Select the "notes" button next to your course.

Detailed instructions to come.

Become a Peer Note Sharer

Select "Note-takers" on the main menu in the ClockWork Portal 

First-time applicants:  Click 'Profile' and follow the steps to register. 

Existing note takers: Click on “Course/Notes”

After submitting your courses, you will receive a confirmation email. 

When we have a matching request, we will reach out to you to confirm that you are still available to provide notes and specify whether this is a volunteer vs. paid position. 

If you are available, we will follow up with instructions on how to upload your notes and any payment information, if applicable. 

If at any time you wish to withdraw a course from your list, you can do so by returning to the “Course/Notes” page. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at