Governors House

Governors Residence exterior

Welcome to Governors House!

Our Governors House Residence Complex is located at the North end of our campus, near the Harris Learning Library and Robert J. Surtees Student Athletics Centre. It’s preferred by our Varsity Athletes because of its proximity to our Robert J. Surtees Student Athletics, so our residents never have trouble finding ways to show off their LAKERS pride! It offers students a picturesque view of our beautiful campus.

Governors House is a Suite Style Residence Complex. Each Suite is fully furnished and designed to house up to 4 students and consists of a kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and four private bedrooms where the students have their own space to unwind.

Governors House
Suite Style

Suite Style

Governor's House has been my home ever since I moved up to North Bay. The community is small in that you get to know a lot of people, but also bigger in the sense that you don't necessarily know EVERYONE. It’s just a short walk each day to class, the gym, or the library. It's usually pretty quiet, so it is a prime place for the book nerds and athletes to live. My opinion may be slightly biased, but hands down, Governor's is the best complex to live in.

Renee Aulenbach
3rd year Bachelor of Science in Nursing student

Mailing Address

If you live in Governors House, your mailing address will be:

Nipissing University
Governors House
100 College Dr
Suite # ___ Mailbox # ____
North Bay ON P1B 8L7

Front Desk Services

Governors House Front Desk is located in the main office. The desk hours are posted at the Front Desk.  

At the Governors House Front Desk you can get laundry change, print/copy/fax/scan documents, sign out residence equipment (e.g. vacuums, mops/buckets), or get answers to questions that you may have. In order to sign out equipment you must leave your Nipissing University student card at the residence front desk. The student card will be returned to you once you have returned the equipment.

Laundry Facilities

Governors House has 1 large Laundry Room on the 2nd floor. The washers and dryers are coin-operated at a cost of $1.50 each per load, so don’t forget to bring your loonies and quarters, but if you do, laundry change is available at the Residence Front Desk.

Public Transportation

Governors House is located a short walk from the Main Academic Building; however students can catch the city bus to class if they choose, as there is a bus stop right outside of our main doors. As a full time student you will receive a city transit pass, which is valid from September to April.

Parking & Security Services

Students parking in the Governors House lot must purchase a permit through the Security & Parking Services website. It is best to pre-order your parking pass prior to move-in day. Once you have purchased your pass, it can be picked up in the Security & Parking Office on the Main Campus. Plug in parking is available during the winter months. Arrangements for plug-in parking can be made in late fall through the Governors House Front Desk for an additional fee of $100.00. Students will be notified through an email when plug-in parking becomes available.

Amenities and Social Spaces

Governors House has a Games Room on the 1st Floor which offers equipment such as pool tables, ping-pong tables, pianos, etc. There is also a large Assembly Room on the 1st Floor.

Each floor has a Common Room which has a TV, couches and chairs for students to get together in or just have some down time.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors have designated quiet spaces open to all students in the community.

Contact Us

Residence Life Supervisor - Supervisors, Residence Life are staff members with extensive training and experience in residence life and working with university students. They directly supervise the Residence Dons, Academic Dons, Living-Learning Community Dons, and Community Advisors. Additionally, they work with students in their assigned residence community to uphold the Residence Community Living Standards, develop a community atmosphere, and are available to assist with issues as they arise.

If you have any questions about living in Governors House please do not hesitate to contact your Residence Life Team at or via phone at 705-474-3450 ext 4855.