Lakers Winter Orientation

Harris Learning Library with pine trees covered in snow, view of the pond iced over, view of the snow covered trail bridge by the pond. Lakers Orientation logo.

Congratulations on your decision to join the Lakers’ Community!

We look forward to welcoming you and giving you the tools needed to successfully transition into university here at NU.

Lakers Winter Orientation is designed to prepare you for course selection and registration, review important financial information, introduce you to the programs and services available to you, and connect you with the supports and resources to answer any of your transition questions.

To get started, see your online orientation module below, as well as opportunities for live Q & A drop-in sessions, and be sure to check out the resource videos and links!

Start Here! Online Orientation Modules

Your online orientation module will guide you through everything you need to know before you register for courses. For students in Distance Bachelor of Commerce or RPN-BScN Blended Nursing, click the button specific to your program. For students in all other programs, click the [General] Lakers Winter Orientation button. The module should take you less than an hour to complete.

Image shows the login screen for the orientation module, making note of the title and recommending that students double check the title to ensure they login to the correct module for theim

CPP (College Partnership Program) and Distance BComm - please go to the links below for further orientation resources and program-specific sessions:


     Distance BComm:  

BlackBoard Drop-In

Drop in at one of the dates and times below to ask questions about Blackboard to our Online Learning Partners like "Where do I submit my assignments?" and "How do I access Blackboard Collaborate?"  

Other Drop-In Opportunities

Finished your online orientation module but still have burning questions? Drop in to chat with the orientation team during Orientation Drop-In. Looking to start the semester off on the right foot with your academics? The Academic Skills Drop-In is for you! Want to get organized for the semester ahead? Gather your syllabi and join us for the Syllabus Social.

University Q&A

In this video series, we're tackling the questions that you wouldn't ask in class. Featuring answers to things like "I never learned how to study, where do I start?", "What exactly is a syllabus?", and more! 

Fast Track To Success

Here's a sneak peek at some of the academic skills supports that you have access to as a student. In the short videos below, we cover topics like, How to Read A TextBook, What Calculator Do You Need, Communicating with Professors and Staff, and more! For more indepth support on these topics and more, book a one-on-one academic skills appointment, or attend upcoming students success workshops: 

Who We Are & What We Do

In these 30 minute webinars, we go in-depth about who are and what we do in Student Learning and Transitions! Featuring information about orientation and transition supports, academic supports, career development and education and more!

Get Connected 

Click through the links below to explore other offices and services available to you! Note: If you're hoping to get connected with specific offices prior to starting classes, the campus is closed from Dec 23 - Jan 4th.