Research Month

March is Research Month at Nipissing University.

Over the course of the month, we will be celebrating the impact of Nipissing’s research locally, nationally and internationally, through a series of events designed to share our research with the broader community.

We invite you to discover the ways our research inspires innovation, improves lives and makes the world a better place.

Strategic Research Plan


Nipissing University’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) is designed to catalogue present research strengths, identify areas for investment and reinvestment, and encourage future research directions.

Events Schedule

Additional event information is being finalized and will be added soon - please stay tuned!

Upcoming Events

Undergraduate Research Conference (UGRC)

Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference celebrates the contributions of undergraduate research at Nipissing University and across Ontario. It provides an opportunity for students to present a research project they are working on while engaging in scholarly debate amongst each other.

Students are invited to present an original poster, art installation, oral presentation of a paper or a panel presentation of a series of related papers.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their work in a professional setting before their peers, faculty, and the public.

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Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition logo

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a university-wide competition for Masters and Doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.

The challenge is to present complex research material in an engaging, compelling way, using only one slide. The three minute thesis competition provides graduate students with an opportunity to refine skills that can be transferred after graduation to diverse career paths. Distilling research into a clear form, without over-simplifying or making it overly-complex, and highlighting the wider implications of this research are important skills to carry into post-graduate employment and public service.

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