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Explore the resources below for support developing your Academic Skills! You'll be prompted to log in to your Microsoft student account (if you haven't logged in yet today). New resources will be added on an ongoing basis - keep checking back! 

These resources have been developed by professionals in Student Learning and Transitions. If you have questions about or would like to book an appointment for one on one individualized support, email or click one of the book-an-appointment buttons below!

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Student Testimonials

Here's what students have to say about the support they've received from SLT:

"Without Lindsey's academic support and continuous encouragement, I would not be the successful Nipissing student I am today." 

- History Student

"I went from having a 14% the first time to managing to get a 90% the second time, and that goes to show that there is a perfect positive correlation between higher grades and getting help"

- Psychology Student