MEd/PhD Course Schedules

Please refer to WebAdvisor​ for the current M.Ed./Ph.D. course offerings and schedules.

Proposed M.Ed./Ph.D. Course Offerings

The Proposed MEd/PhD course schedules are subject to change. MEd students are encouraged to enrol in EDUC-5157 Survey of Research Methods and EDUC-5196 Understanding Education at their earliest opportunity when the courses are offered. If completing the MEd degree via the Research Project route, MEd students are encouraged to complete EDUC-5186 Research Project & Seminar at their earliest opportunity after completing the prerequisites (complete 18 credits including EDUC-5157).

Review the Important Course Dates and Deadlines for:

  • course registration dates;
  • course start and end dates;
  • course withdrawal deadlines;

MEd Degree Requirements

We recommend that M.Ed. students review the M.Ed. degree requirements prior to registering for a course.

Students admitted to the M.Ed. program prior to September 2010 may follow the previous MEd degree requirements or follow the current M.Ed. degree requirements. The previous and the current MEd degree requirements may not be combined.

The MEd Program Handbook.

The PhD Handbook

Current M.Ed./Ph.D. Course Schedules

Students are required to have regular and unrestricted access to a reliable high speed internet connection and unrestricted access to the resources for online courses.

Part-time students admitted to the M.Ed. program after the 2013/2014​ academic year may enrol in ONE course each term or session. Part-time students admitted to the M.Ed. program PRIOR to 2013/2014 may enrol in TWO courses each term or session.​

Please review the Important Dates and Deadlines Schedule for course withdrawal dates for all MEd/PhD students and tuition refund dates for part-time students.

Please check our online bookstore for all required textbooks and/or coursepacks. Textbooks and coursepacks are required for the first day of onsite and online courses.

Waiting Lists

Please review the Nipissing University policy on course waiting lists.

If you are on a waiting list for a course(s), WebAdvisor will contact you via your Nipissing University e-mail account if a position in the course(s) becomes available and you are next on the waitlist.  From this point, you will have 72 hours to enroll in the course.  If you do not enroll in the course within the specified time, without further notice, WebAdvisor will remove your name from the waitlist and offer the position to the next student on the waitlist.  No student will be offered a vacant position who is not on the waitlist.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may place your name on more than one waitlist.  You may be enrolled in a course and place your name on one or more waitlists.

Continuous Enrolment

Graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrolment every term. Each term (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer), students must register themselves in one of the following via WebAdvisor:

Master of Education:

  • ​a 3-credit MEd course, or
  • EDUC-5115 Research Paper or EDUC-5454 Thesis or
  • GSCF-0500 Program Continuation*

PhD in Education:

  • a 3-credit MEd course, or
  • EDUC-6127 PhD Comprehensive Exam or
  • EDUC-6999 PhD Dissertation, or
  • GSCF-0500 GR Program Continuation*

GSCF-0500 GR Ed Program Continuation

In addition to your courses, MEd students will automatically be registered in GSCF-0500: Program Continuation each term, unless there are financial restrictions preventing registration.

If you fail to maintain continuous enrolment, you will be withdrawn from the program.