Equity Action Planning Taskforce (EAPT)

Role and Purpose

The Equity Action Planning Taskforce (EAPT) shall provide strategic direction and support for the process of conducting an Equity Audit at Nipissing University.

  • The EAPT shall create a Request for Proposals for an Equity Audit of Nipissing University;
  • The EAPT shall interview candidate firms and shall make a recommendation to the President on the firm to conduct the Equity Audit;
  • The EAPT shall facilitate the full participation of various groups such as students, staff, and faculty in the Equity Audit.
  • Upon completion of the Equity Audit and the Office of the President's acceptance of the Audit's Recommendations for Action, the EAPT shall initiate the transfer of responsibility for the Action Plan, to the group(s) responsible for implementation.

Taskforce Membership

Current Membership

Name Role
Ann-Barbara Graff Senior Administration
Charles Anyinam Faculty Representative
Chris Greco Co-Chair of the Equity Action Planning Task Force (Non-Voting)
Emily Couchie University Group
Gail Dreidger OPSEU Representative
Javayah Pettigrew-Hope NUBASE Student Representative
Jeannie Vaillancourt Community Member, North Bay Métis Council
Jenny Mackie Senior Administration (Non-Voting)
Kevin Wamsley Co-Chair of the Equity Action Planning Task Force (Non-Voting)
Kyle Anderson Support Staff Representative
Natalya Brown Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA)
Quinn Erskine Equity Centre
Sal Renshaw Faculty, Arts & Science
Sarah Taylor Senior Administration
Talena Jackson Administrative Group
Traci Malkowski Human Resources (Non-Voting)
Tyandra Miller NUSU Representative
Veronica Afonso University Group

Past Membership and Contributions

Name Dates
Aidan Haghgoo April 2023 - April 2024
Angela Nicholls May 2023 - March 2024
Carole Richardson April 2023 - June 2023
Harikesh Panchal April 2023 - April 2024
Morningstar Christianson April 2023 - August 2023
Taijon Eccleston-Graham April 2023 - May 2024