January Arrivals

Students who are planning to live in Residence for the Winter semester (January – April) should submit their Residence application and pay their $400 deposit no later than December 4th, 2023.  Once an application is complete it will be processed and the student will receive their placement notification via email.

Students who have been granted a placement for the Winter semester should not plan to move into Residence until Saturday January 6th, 2024.  Please email the Residence office at residence@nipissingu.ca for more information.

International students and students arriving from out of province who require a flexible arrival time, outside of the scheduled times listed above should email residence@nipissingu.ca with the details of their arrival timeline to receive specific move-in instructions. 

Upon arrival for your move-in, students can proceed to the front desk to complete their check in. 

Students wishing to submit an application after the December 4th deadline, should email the Residence Office directly for instructions.