Mid-Semester or End of Semester Withdrawal

Students who decide to withdraw from Residence mid-semester or after only one semester of a full year contract should notify the Residence Life Admissions Office by submitting a Residence Withdrawal Form.  This form is located in the left side-bar menu of their erezlife portal.  Once the form is submitted, a staff member from the Residence Life Office will receive notice and will contact the student with further information. 

Important Information Regarding Withdrawing from Residence Mid-Semester

  • Based on the guidelines of the Residence Contract if a student withdraws from Residence, but still remains enrolled in classes at Nipissing they are obligated to pay for the entire length of their Residence contract and their fees would remain on their student account. 
  • Students who withdraw from their courses and are no longer a registered Nipissing student will be charged a prorated Residence rate from the move in date to the move out date.
  • As per the Residence Contract, there is also a $300 administrative fee that will be added to a student’s account for the cost associated with leaving their contract early.   
  • Once a student moves out, our Maintenance team will perform an inspection of their bedroom and if no cleaning fees or damages are incurred the student’s account will be credited their $100 damage deposit on file.  If there are fees incurred the amount will be deducted from the $100 and the remaining balance credited to the student account.  Once the student’s move out has been finalized, they will receive a final email from the Residence Life Office
  • There are many steps that we encourage students to take before making the decision to leave Residence.  To discuss these options, we suggest students speak with their Residence Don or Residence Life Supervisor. 
  • If there are exceptional circumstances as to why a student could not continue to live in Residence the Residence Contract states that a student can submit an appeal and supporting documentation (ie. doctors note) to the Manager of Residence Life for consideration.   Please email the Residence Life Office for further information