Major Modifications of an Existing Program

The Major Modification Protocol encourages and reinforces the ongoing and continuous improvement of programs and associated curriculum. Academic units are encouraged to have a plan in place to actively monitor key performance indicators (i.e., program structure, requirements, objectives, learning outcomes, assessment and student achievement) that will help them identify modifications to the program that will improve and enhance the quality of the program.

Major Modifications typically include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

a) Requirements that differ significantly from those existing at the time of the previous cyclical program review, for example: 

  • course requirements comprising more than one third of the entire program 
  • a merger of two programs 
  • The introduction or deletion of an undergraduate thesis or capstone project
  • The introduction or deletion of a work experience, co-op option, internship or practicum, or portfolio

b) Change to at least one third of the program-level learning outcomes.  

c) Significant changes to the program’s delivery, including:  

  • 50% or more of the program’s faculty;  
  • Loss of or addition to the essential physical resources, where these changes impair or enhance the delivery of the approved program.   
  • the existing mode(s) of delivery (e.g., different campus and/or changes to online/hybrid delivery impacting 30% or more of program, introduction or deletion of full- or part-        time program options). For more detail on mode of delivery changes, please see 4.3 of the Institutional Quality Assurance Protocol. 

d) Change in program name and/or degree nomenclature, when this results in a change in learning outcomes; and/or  

e) Addition of a single new field to an existing graduate program.  

Consideration for Changes to Mode of Delivery:

When changing the mode of delivery of a program to online for all or a significant portion of a program that was previously delivered in-person, consideration of the following criteria is strongly encouraged as part of the approval process for the proposed major modification:  

  1. Maintenance of and/or changes to the program objectives and program-level learning outcomes.  
  2. Adequacy of the technological platform and tools.  
  3. Sufficiency of support services and training for teaching staff.  
  4. Sufficiency and type of support for students in the new learning environment; and  
  5. Access. 

Effective December 2023, please refer to the following: