Become a Mentor

Get to know a different culture first hand by working with a network of NU students who volunteer their time to help our international students adjust to life in Canada and at Nipissing University. Providing international students with a network of peer-support, opportunities to explore our city and province, and assisting in their campus integration, it is our student mentors that truly shape the experience of our students. Join the International Student Mentorship Program and help our international students feel right where they belong at NU.

International Student Mentors are responsible for the following:

  • Completing a bi-weekly communication form about their assigned mentee 
  • Collaborating with other mentors to plan one event/ program per semester 
  • Attending a monthly mentor meeting
  • Attending a mandatory training session
  • Attending other ISMP events throughout the year​, to support your fellow mentors

Why become a mentor?

Imagine what it would be like arriving in a new country with no friends or family around to help ease your integration. International students, both full-time degree and exchange, will benefit greatly from your guidance and friendship through this program.

Our network of mentors consists of a group of NU students, who volunteer their time to help our new international students adjust to the different culture. The mentors are responsible for organizing trips, social events and activities, providing the international students with opportunities to build new friendships and enjoy the full experience of a new adventure.

In return, you will develop your intercultural skills, kindle new friendships, and increase your understanding of other people, places, and cultures. It is also a great way to make international connections, prepare your own journey abroad, or utilize the skills you learned while overseas.

Do I qualify?

Are you a Nipissing University student who:

  • Enjoys meeting new people
  • Learning about new cultures
  • Is an ambassador for Nipissing University
  • Willing to help familiarize students to our campus, community and Canadian culture
  • Enjoys having fun and building new friendships
  • Eager to meet people from other countries and cultures; accepting of different perspectives, values and beliefs
  • Willing to assist students in adjusting to campus life
  • Interested in program planning and leadership opportunities

What is the role of a mentor?

How do I apply to be a mentor?

You will have to complete an application that is emailed out to all students on campus in second semester. Due to the high level of interest and limited spots available it is an application process and not a general sign-up. If you have any further questions, please contact

How do I become part of the executive team?

You can apply to be part of the executive team each year if you have been a mentor for at least one academic year. Please contact or speak to an executive team member or office staff for more information.

Will I have support?

You are part of large team of mentors that work together in collaboration along with an executive team and the professional staff in the International Initiatives Office. You are not in this position alone and we all work together to make the best experience for the mentors and international students.

You will also be provided with a handbook to help guide you.

Do I receive training?

Mentor training will be provided to all successful candidates. Training is mandatory to be a mentor and it ​takes place just prior to the first week of classes in September.