Data Science

If you are curious about problem solving, consider studying Data Science, a fast-evolving field with in-demand careers.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Data Science program leads to an undergraduate degree which provides graduates with the necessary mathematical and computational background to be a data scientist. It will introduce you to the applications of data science in your area of interest. Obtaining the degree will involve a combination of courses and experiential learning components in the form of a research paper, practicums and internships.

Whether you are interested in precision medicine, dealing with data sets on environment or business analytics, or understanding complex systems, you will learn how to use the tools and problem-solving skills of computer science and mathematics to work with data.

Why Nipissing?

The Data Science curriculum includes courses on machine learning, tools and technologies in data science and data analytics in addition to courses in computer science and mathematics, such as data structures and data management, artificial intelligence, neural networks and statistics. The curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of Data Science: capturing, maintaining, processing, analyzing and communicating data.

In our programs, undergraduate research is strongly emphasized. Students in the Honours Specialization programs are required to complete either a practicum course at the third-year level and one fourth-year research course or two fourth-year research courses.


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In practicum courses, you will have work-integrated learning opportunities or internships, or will work on applied projects within the University. In addition, we expect that there will be other experiential learning opportunities in other courses in the form of projects, presentations, case studies and problem solving.

Data Science

What does my first year look like?

Our program’s structure allows you to customize your study by choosing courses from a variety of disciplines including environment, health, biology, chemistry, physics, business, economics, social sciences and humanities.

Where can I go after graduation?

Given the prevailing use of technology and availability of data in all aspects of daily life, careers in data science are in-demand. Graduates of the Data Science program will be ready for positions such as data analysts, financial advisors, statisticians, business analysts, software developers, market research analysts, and more.

Graduates may also choose to pursue Masters and Doctoral degrees at Nipissing University and elsewhere.

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