Alumni Profile - Lisa Snider (BBA ‘12)

Lisa Snider graduated from Nipissing University in 2012 with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration in the Organizational Studies stream and currently serves as the President of the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board (NUAAB). 

Lisa Snider portrait

Lisa Snider (BBA '12)

Lisa grew up in North Bay, Ontario, attending West Ferris Secondary School and always had an interest in staying in the community for her post-secondary education, however it was Nipissing’s entrance scholarships, small class sizes and sense of community that ultimately drew her to the university.

As a student, Lisa was involved in multiple student organizations such as the Nipissing University Student Union, the Nipissing University Business Community, the inaugural Nipissing Students in Free Enterprise Team and Enactus. For Lisa, having these opportunities to get involved at Nipissing helped her grow personally.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Nipissing, Lisa attended the University of Toronto to complete her Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. She then began her career in Human Resources at Mark Anthony Group, a Canadian-owned beverage and alcohol company that owns popular brands such as White Claw Hard Seltzer.

Lisa said that the practical experience her professors brought to the classroom offered great insight into what her career path might entail. Lisa’s marketing professor, Dr. Denyse Lafrance Horning, for example, worked at Johnson and Johnson in the Consumer Goods industry before entering the academic space. Working in a similar industry today, Lisa still reflects on Dr. Lafrance Horning’s class and how it’s applicable to her work today.

Lisa joined NUAAB in 2018 to reconnect with Nipissing and explore ways of giving back to the university. Joining NUAAB has allowed her to use the skills she has acquired to help Nipissing continue to thrive in the North Bay community.

“What I’m really passionate about as the President [of NUAAB], is finding ways to connect with alumni and to help alumni find that reconnection point with the University so that they want to give back to the community and get involved,” she said.

As a member of NUAAB, Lisa feels she still has a role to play at Nipissing and being actively connected to the university inspired her to donate.

“If we find new ways to connect with more alumni, we can reenergize relationships and passion for the Nipissing community, and in turn, strengthen our ability to receive donations for different initiatives across the University,” states Lisa.

For Lisa, being a Nipissing alumnus means being a part of a tight-knit community and having a like-minded connection with other Nipissing alumni. She believes people from Nipissing are humble, approachable, and collaborative.

“When I reflect on my time as part of Nipissing, I know it’s a community that you can lean on when you need support or have questions, and your connections at the University remember you. You’re not just a number.” she shared. “It makes me proud to be a part of that community.”

She encourages anyone who is deciding on where to complete their postsecondary education to take the drive to North Bay to experience the Nipissing campus for themselves.

“The campus is so special and anyone who sees the campus is immediately drawn to the natural beauty of the landscape. We are so lucky to have our campus surrounded by nature in the heart of Northern Ontario.” she said.

Reflecting on her time at Nipissing, Lisa credits the small class sizes and attention she received with setting her up for success. At Nipissing, she was able to ask the questions that she needed to ask, received support when she needed it, and received great letters of recommendation from her professors to assist in her grad school application.

Looking ahead, Lisa is excited to see what Nipissing's future will bring.

“Personally, from a donor perspective, I would love to support any major initiative that the University is working on that will either expand the educational offerings, enhance connections to the broader North Bay Community, or expand the opportunities for extra-curriculars such as sports teams,” states Lisa. “It’s initiatives like these – a commitment to the future – that make Nipissing such a special place.”

Lisa currently lives in Toronto and is the Director of Human Resources at Mark Anthony Group.