For Peer Note Takers

Already assigned courses as a Peer Note Taker?

You can upload your notes by accessing the Portal below.

Want to Become a Peer Note Taker?

Student Accessibility Services supports students with disabilities, and assists with the administration of various accommodations, including note taking.

Are you a Nipissing University student who:

  • Attends classes on a regular basis and takes detailed lecture notes?
  • Has a minimum of 70% average?
  • Would be interested in sharing your notes to provide support to a student with a disability?

Then this is the opportunity for you - and if all requirements of the position are met at the end of each term, we also provide you with $250 to say thank you!

As a recognized activity on the Record of Student Development (RSD), you can also use the skills gained through this position to contribute towards completing your RSD. Not sure what the Record of Student Development (RSD) is? Visit for more information and to register!

Requirements (to receive honourarium):

  • Upload notes within 24 hours after each lecture (except in special circumstances to be discussed)
  • Have provided a complete set of detailed lecture notes for the assigned course prior to the start of each exam period (notes must be uploaded to our online portal)

Application Process:

For NEW Peer Note Takers: Students who have not held the position of an SAS Peer Note Taker in the past.

  1. Complete and submit the online application form below. 
  2. Pass the minimum overall average verification of 70%. (Exclusion: Does not apply to 1st year students, who do not have an overall average) 
  3. Self-Enroll into our Blackboard course to complete the brief training. Complete the Note Taker Training Quiz, and obtain 100% within 3 attempts.
  4. Sign and submit the code of ethics/confidentiality form. This form is found within the training course in Blackboard.   NEW! Electronic Signatures Accepted!

Once we have verified all 4 requirements, you will receive an email welcoming you to the team!

To enroll into the Blackboard course (SAS - Student Accessibility Services):

  1. Click on-->  Note Taker Application
  2. If not already logged into Blackboard, you will be prompted to do so.
  3. If indicated, click on "Enroll" (this may not be present on your page).
  4. Click on "Peer Note Takers".
  5. The links to the Training and Quiz are on the left.

For ALL Note Takers: Below is the link to complete the Note Taker application.

  1. Complete and submit the Note Taker Application Form .
  2. Pass the minimum overall average verification of 70%.

Once we have verified both requirements, your email address will remain within our roster. We will contact you should any opportunities come available for one of your courses.