Black History Month

Black History Month

Message from President & Vice-Chancellor, Kevin Wamsley

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

February is Black History Month in Canada. Although celebrated for only a short period of time in our country's history, Black people and Black communities with historic roots in Canada have been making contributions across all sectors of society for hundreds of years. At Nipissing University, we celebrate the accomplishments of Black students, faculty, and staff members and their contributions in making our campus culture rich in academia, scholarship, the arts, and athletics, indeed, all aspects of campus life.

We celebrate their contributions to social justice advocacy, anti-racism, and for calls to action to promote equity, inclusion, and for the elimination of discrimination in all forms. We recognize the systemic racism and discrimination in Canadian post-secondary education, and we strive to eliminate these injustices at Nipissing University and in the community more broadly. Nipissing University celebrates the work of faculty, staff, and student organizations such as the Equity Centre, Students of Colour United, Nipissing University Black Association for Student Expression, and the Caucus of Racialized Persons. These groups are changing the campus culture at the university and have inspired comprehensive fundraising activities to establish BIPOC scholarships for the next generations of students.

Soon the university will engage in an equity audit, as we seek to collect data, to hear about the sometimes very difficult experiences of members of the campus community, to determine the systemic nature of discrimination at our institution, and to implement an action plan which establishes infrastructure and EDI planning.

Creating an inclusive community is the responsibility of all of its members. Let's come together as a community to celebrate Black History month and celebrate accomplishments together year-round. In February 2023, we will learn, for example, how to move forward with equity, diversity and inclusion strategies as a post-secondary institution; we will learn from the experiences of Black students in our academic programs.

Thank you to our students, faculty and staff members who have organized events and activities to celebrate Black History Month. You can view a list of events and educational resources on our Black History month webpage at:


Kevin B. Wamsley, PhD
President & Vice Chancellor



About Black History Month

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) Webinars



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