Welcome to the Teaching Hub Resources page! Here you'll find a variety of resources to support you in your teaching practice. Expect to see this page grow over time as we update existing resources and develop new ones. If there's a resource you need that is not yet included here, please reach out to us at

BlackBoard Learn 

In this section, we have included links to BlackBoard's web-based written how-to resources. These links are a great place to start when getting your bearings with working within BlackBoard. Also included below is a link to our YouTube video playlist of Nipissing specific Blackboard Training. If you have additional questions not covered by the information here, connect with the Learning Systems Technologist designated to your Faculty for additional support. Check out the contact us tab for how to get in touch.

If you are looking for resources that you can point students to, direct them to our Online Learning Partners.

BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra

BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra is a video conferencing tool built into BlackBoard Learn that can be used to host online lectures, labs, seminars, tutorials, workshops etc. The platform can also be used to record lessons, host office hours, and more! As above, the links below will redirect you to BlackBoard's web-based written how-to resources. Our Nipissing-specific YouTube video tutorials are also included.

YouTube How-To Video Playlist

In short (on average) 1 minute videos, this playlist covers the basics of how to upload videos to youtube, connect them to your blackboard shell, update privacy settings, and more.

Assessment Formatting and Secure Testing

Developing Learning Outcomes

Developing Learning Outcomes for your course(s)? These resources are a great place to start! Working on curriculum development? Check out the information featured on the Registrar's Office's page.

PDF Slide Deck referenced in the video. 

Other Resources

Please email to request alternate formats of these resources.