Dr. Paul Millar

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Criminal Justice
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
Dr. Millar teaches in the School of Criminal Justice program within the Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies at Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario. His research interests include Law and Society (especially the effects of social factors on legal outcomes) Criminology, Quantitative Methods and Food. A graduate of the University of Calgary, he is the author of The Best Interests of Children: An Evidence-based Approach (University of Toronto Press, 2009), various journal articles and book chapters. His current research projects include an investigation into the changing homicide clearance rate in Canada, the incarceration of child support debtors in Canada, parenting and child development, family law contempt of court and race and the law.
BASc, University of Waterloo
BA, University of Calgary
MA, University of Calgary
PhD, University of Calgary
Areas of Specialization:

Paul Millar, Ph.D. is a researcher and teacher of law and society, sociology, criminology and quantitative methods.

Research Interests:

​Family Law, Equality and the Law, Quantitative Methods


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