Dr. Mary Patricia Sullivan

Dr. Mary Patricia Sullivan
Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Social Work - Social Work
Full-time Faculty
RDS Canada Lead
Mary Pat Sullivan is a registered social worker and social gerontologist. She is currently Full Professor in the School of Social Work and Graduate Faculty, Graduate Studies and Research. Dr. Sullivan previously headed social work at Brunel University London in the UK. Highlights from her career include Board of Directors, Alzheimer Society of Ontario; Executive Committee, British Society of Gerontology and Editor, Generations Review; inaugural recipient of the Tilda Goldberg Social Work Research Fellowship; and an honorary research appointment at the Dementia Research Centre, University College London. Prior to her academic career in the UK, Dr. Sullivan was a clinical social worker involved in the development, delivery and evaluation of geriatric mental health services in northern and eastern Ontario.
PGCert (Learning and Teaching), Brunel University London
PhD (Gerontology), King’s College London
MSW, Carleton University
BSW, Laurentian University
Areas of Specialization:

Dr. Sullivan’s principal research interests are focused on the social context of aging and older age including geriatric mental health, dementia care, social isolation and loneliness, elder abuse, aging without children and gerontological social work education and practice.

Current Awards:

Rare Dementia Support Canada (2022-2024)
Sullivan, M.P. 
The Hiliary and Galen Weston Foundation, $400,000

Interdependence and Pathways to (Dis) Concordant Experiences of Social Isolation and Loneliness in Dementia Care (2021-2023)
Sullivan, M.P., Victor, C. (Brunel University London), Williams, V., Grillo, A. (Nipissing University) and Bertuzzi-Gallo, Alzheimer Society of Sudbury Manitoulin North Bay and Districts
RTOERO, $25,000

The Impact of Multicomponent Support Groups for those Living with Rare Dementias (2019-2024)
Crutch, S., Stott, J., Camic, P. (University College London), Windle, G., Tudor-Edwards, R., Hoare, Z. (Bangor University), Sullivan, M.P. (Nipissing University) and McKee-Jackson, R. (National Brain Appeal)
Economic and Social Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, £3.7million


(Selected Papers)

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(Selected Book Chapters)

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