Dr. Kirsten Greer

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - History, Anthropology and Ancient Studies - History
Associate Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Biology and Chemistry and Geography - Geography and Geology
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Faculty
Canada Research Chair
Dr. Kirsten Greer is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Geography and History at Nipissing University, and the Canada Research Chair in Global Environmental Histories and Geographies, which addresses specifically reparations “in place” from Northern Ontario to the Caribbean through interdisciplinary, integrative, and engaged (community-based) scholarship in global environmental change research.
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As a critical historical geographer, she is interested in human-environment relations in the past; the historical geographies of the environmental sciences; the colonial afterlives of the British Empire; and the politics of biodiversity heritage. She is the author of Red Coats and Wilds Birds: How Military Ornithologists and Migrant Birds Shaped Empire (University of North Carolina Press, 2020).

BA, McGill University
MA, Wilfrid Laurier University
PhD, Queen's University
Areas of Specialization:

Cultural and historical geography, critical geopolitics, environmental history, political ecology, geographies of science

Research Interests:

Networks of empire, science, and nature; imperial geopolitics; environmental histories of the British Empire; colonial afterlives of imperial knowledge; politics of biodiversity heritage

Current & Future Research:

Zoogeography and empire; militarization of the North Atlantic; environmental histories of the “Near North”; geopolitics of the Gulf Stream

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