Dr. Denyse Lafrance Horning

Dr. Denyse Lafrance Horning
Teaching Chair, Experiential Learning / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Business
Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Business
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Affiliate Faculty
After graduating with a Bachelor of Administration and a MBA degree from the University of Ottawa, Denyse joined the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (J&J). She began her career in Consumer Sales and eventually found her niche as a member of the marketing team. She has managed such national leading brands as Tylenol*, Splenda*, Pepcid AC* and Motrin* IB with a focus on new product launches and Olympic sponsorship management.

While working at J&J, Denyse also taught marketing courses part-time at Nipissing University. The energy of the classroom swayed Denyse from industry to academia where she has been a full-time marketing professor at Nipissing’s School of Business since 2007. Denyse draws on her industry experience to complement academic curriculum and learning. In November 2014, Denyse successfully defended her PhD entitled “An Investigation of Sponsorship Effects at Charity-Linked Sporting Events: Does Gender Matter?”. This work was recorgnized as a finalist in the International Marketing Trends best thesis award competition. Denyse is currently engaged in marketing to women, sport marketing and sponsorship research. She is also a member of the Nipissing University Athletic Advisory Board.

Denyse has a passion for marketing and seeks to share this interest in a manner that will energize and engage students. She is committed to providing her students with “more than a degree” – Denyse wants her students to be fully prepared and motivated to shine as future business stars!

In addition to her evolving professional roles and responsibilities, Denyse values her time with family and friends. She enjoys her summers at the family ‘camp’ and winters on the hockey rink. Denyse is very involved in coaching her daughters’ competitive hockey teams. In 2015 she was recognized with the Hockey Canada Hero of Play award and in 2017 became a coaching mentor with the Coaches Association of Ontario.
PhD, Laurentian University
MBA, University of Ottawa
BAdmin, University of Ottawa
Research Interests:
  • Sponsorship Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing to Women
  • Sport Marketing
  • Women’s Hockey Studies
  • Case Studies
Current & Future Research:

My tenure in professional practice inspired my chosen field of research specialization, effectively integrating scholarships of application and discovery. My doctoral dissertation provides a strong platform upon which my research agenda continues to evolve. My study offers significant contributions in understanding sponsorship effects in the emerging area of cause-related sport sponsorship while also injecting important consideration for possible gender differences in consumer response. My research portfolio also extends beyond my doctorial work. I have concentrated on the development of (field and secondary) research-based case studies. I enjoy case research and find that recent and practical examples of marketing challenges are instrumental in developing sound managerial judgment in students.

In addition, I am an active member of several industry research teams. These partnerships support the application of sponsorship theory to practice among leading organizations and brands. I have directly contributed to several projects (via White Papers, journal articles, research briefs, and management presentations) in the areas of marketing to women, sponsorship activation, and cause-related marketing. My passion for women’s hockey has also prompted an investigation of the growth of this sport and the corresponding marketing and sponsorship implications.


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