Dr. David Hemsworth

David Hemsworth Profile Photo
Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Business
Full-time Faculty
David serves as the Technology Management stream coordinator and chair of the School of Business Research Committee. His primary teaching interests lie in the areas of technology, information systems, statistics, sustainable technology and e-business. In the last five years David’s focus has changed to the development of highly qualified personnel and the creation of research teams. Through his career his research program has been supported by multiple international and national (tri-council etc.) grants. David also has a cross-appointment as a faculty member in the School of Nursing.

David also coaches soccer and has interests in geothermal energy, archery and Warcraft.​
BA, York University
BA, Wilfrid Laurier University
MA, Wilfrid Laurier University
PhD, University of Toronto
Research Interests:

David’s research is broad and multidisciplinary, stemming from his expertise as a multivariate statistician. It includes:

  • In innovation, using neural networks to model innovation manager decision making.
  • In nursing, modelling the effects of compassion fatigue, stress, burnout, resilience, passion for work, personal energy/vitality, and wellbeing.
  • In organizational behaviour, examining the impact of leadership on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behaviour, and organizational performance.
  • In purchasing, examining the effects of supplier development, benchmarking, e-procurement, IT, management support, and strategic purchasing.
  • In palliative care, focusing on the positive aspects (post-traumatic growth) derived from caregiving.
  • In archeology, the use of information systems to capture and disseminate specifics relating to artefacts from dig sites in Jordon.