Dr. Benjamin Kelly

Benjamin Kelly Profile Photo
Associate Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Psychology, Sociology and Child and Family Studies - Sociology
Graduate Program Coordinator / Graduate Studies - Sociology, MA
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Coordinator
BSc, Mount Allison University
Honours Anthropology, Western University
BEd, University of Toronto
MA, University of Guelph
PhD, McMaster University
Areas of Specialization:

Sociological Theory; Social Psychology; Environmental Sociology; Sociology of Organizations & Occupations; Science & Technology Studies; Ethnographic Research

Research Interests:

My areas of research and student supervision include 1) the social psychological explorations of constraint and adaptation within groups, organizations, occupations and everyday life; and 2) social construction of expert knowledge, risk, and social-environmental problems.

Current & Future Research:

Science-Activists and Their Contested Paradigms: An Interactionist Perspective on Environmental Risk and Knowledge Exchange (Book contract with Routledge Academic Press). 

Co-Investigator, “Contested Waters: Exploring the Lived Experience of Water Quality Risks in an Anishinaabe Community in Northern Ontario“ SSHRC: Insight Development Grant

Co-Investigator, “Creating Opportunities for Knowledge Mobilization and Coherence Among Indigenous Communities and Researchers.” Canadian Water Network Grant


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