Dr. Anahit Armenakyan

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Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - School of Business
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Graduate Program Associate Faculty
Dr. Anahit Armenakyan joined the Marketing Stream of the School of Business in 2012 after completing her doctoral studies in Carleton University (Ottawa, ON). Prior to joining Nipissing University, she taught a number of marketing courses at Carleton University (Canada), Laurentian University (Canada), and State Engineering University of Armenia (Armenia). In Nipissing University, Dr. Armenakyan teaches a wide range of marketing courses in consumer behaviour, advertising and promotions, digital marketing, and social marketing. Her practical experience in Armenian, American, and international companies has provided her with a broad view and perspective that has proven to be useful in tailoring her course materials. She held Visiting Professor positions at Vilnius University (Lithuania) and American University of Armenia (Armenia) and is currently an Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University

Dr. Armenakyan’s main research focus is on the issues of country image and consumer behavior, specifically around sport mega-events. Her interest in consumer behaviour, however, extends to other areas such as youth sport participation, adolescents' influence on parental purchasing decision-making process, the effect of country image on perception of partner trustworthiness in an international business setting, and the effects of country-of-origin on perception of wine (wine marketing). She is also exploring marketing issues around eco-tourism, tourism destination, and organic produce purchasing behaviour. Originally from Armenia, she is passionate about issues around immigration and newcomers' settlement.

Dr. Armenakyan's research is reflected in a number of marketing journals including Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, and International Journal of Wine Business Research.

Her contribution is recognized by peers in academia. In 2021 and 2013 she received an Outstanding Reviewer Award from Emerald Literati Awards for her reviewing contributions to the International Journal of Wine Business Research. In 2018 Dr. Armenakyan received a Recognition Award for her research on marketing of sports from the International Marketing Trends Committee.
PhD, Carleton University
MBA, University of Pittsburgh
MBA, American University of Armenia
MSc, State Engineering University of Armenia
Areas of Specialization:


Research Interests:

Consumer behaviour, sport mega-events (Olympic Games), country image, tourism destination marketing, immigrants housing and newcomers' integration, wine marketing, social marketing, organic product purchasing behaviour.

Current & Future Research:

Dr. Armenakyan is currently involved in a project that examines immigrant housing issues in Northeast Ontario (supported by Pathways to Prosperity grant). In another project, she looks into organic produce purchasing behaviour with the aim to profile Canadian, Italian, and Armenian organic fruit and vegetable consumers.

Publications (Peer Reviewed)
Book Chapters

Armenakyan, A. (2022). Life on the Two Sides of the Pond. In T. Sibbald, & V. Hadford  (Eds.), Academic Sabbatical as a Voyage of Discovery (pp.105-128). University of Ottawa Press.

Journal Publications

Brown, N.R., Armenakyan, A., & Piper, L. (2021). Early adopters’ philosophies, practices and perspectives on eco-tourism and eco-certification: The case of ecotourism in Jamaica. Multidisciplinary Business Review14(1), 120-136.

Armenakyan, A. (2020). Gettreated.co: A digital medical tourism concierge service in Armenia. Ivey ID: 9B20A028. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing

Armenakyan, A., O'Reilly, N., Heslop, L. A., Nadeau, J., & Lu, I. R. R., (2016). It’s all about my team: Mega-sport events and consumer attitudes in a time series approach. Journal of Sport Management30(6), 597-614.

O'Reilly, N., Armenakyan, A., Lu, I. R. R., Nadeau, J., Heslop, L. A., & Cakmak, E. (2016). Sport mega-events and tourism: Contrasting the influence of host country and event. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing16(3-6), 280-296.

Dikcius, V., Armenakyan, A., Urbonavicius, S., Jonyniene, G., & Gineikiene, J. (2015). The influence of children on family purchasing in Lithuania and Azerbaijan. Organizations and Marketing in Emerging Economies5(2), 79-96.

Doyle, J. & Armenakyan, A. (2014). Value creating mechanisms within the market orientation-performance relationship: A meta-analysis, Journal of Strategic Marketing, 22(3), 193-205.

Armenakyan, A., Heslop, L. A., Nadeau, J., O'Reilly, N., & Lu, I. R. R. (2013). Tell me who's your host and I'll tell you who you are: Olympic Games image before and after the 2008 and 2010 Olympic Games. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing / Special Issue "Advances in Sport Tourism Marketing & Management", 14(1/2), 71-95.

Heslop, L. A., Nadeau, J., O'Reilly, N., & Armenakyan, A. (2013). Mega-event and country co-branding: Image shifts, transfers, and reputational impacts, Corporate Reputation Review / Special Issue on "Nation Branding", 16(1), 7-33.

Armenakyan, A., Heslop, L. A., Nadeau, J., O'Reilly, N., & Lu, I.R.R. (2012). Does holding the Olympic Games matter?: Canada’s image before and after the 2010 Olympic Games. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing / Special Issue on "Consumer Behaviour in Sports", 12(1/2), 111-140.

Doyle, J. D., Heslop, L. A., Ramirez, A., Cray, D., & Armenakyan, A. (2012). Trust building in wine blogs: A content analysis. International Journal of Wine Business, 24(3), 196-218.

Heslop, L. A., Cray, D., & Armenakyan, A. (2010). Cue incongruity in wine personality formation and purchasing. International Journal of Wine Business Research22(3), 288-307.

Other contributions (Reports)

Brown, N. & Armenakyan, A. (January, 2020). "In search of welcoming neighbourhoods and adequate housing: The experiences of recent newcomers in North Bay and Timmins, Ontario," Pathways to Prosperity: Canada, Available from http://p2pcanada.ca/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2020/02/In-Search-of-Welcoming-Neighbourhoods-and-Adequate-Housing.pdf

Brouard, F., Neilson, L., & Armenakyan, A. (October 31, 2012). "Small charities: An analysis of change in fundraising activities," SCSE-CSES Research, Carleton University, Available from https://www.mtroyal.ca/cs/groups/public/documents/pdf/ins-brouardrpt1.pdf

Neilson, L., Brouard, F., & Armenakyan, A. (2012). "Fundraising methods: Past, present, future," SCSE-CSES Research, Carleton University.

Recent conference presentations

Armenakyan, A. & El Banna, A. (2022). Consumer ethnocentrism in pre- and post-war Armenia, Armenian Economic Association 2022 Annual Conference, Yerevan (Armenia), June 30-July 2, 2022.

Adler, A., Brown, N., & Armenakyan, A. (2022). Why am I here? Choristers’ perception of the university community choir, An Abstract, Academy of Marketing Science 2022 Annual Conference, Monterey (CA, USA), May 25-27.

Armenakyan, A. (2021). Youth Olympic Games: Canadian perspective. Abstract, Virtual, The 15th International Symposium for Olympic Research, London, Ontario, Canada, October 15-16.

Armenakyan, A. (2020). Nairian-Armenia: International expansion, North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 2020 Annual Conference: Start-up Case Workshop, (Online-only), October 8-10.

Brown, N., Armenakyan, A., & Shahi, A. (2020). The impact of cricket on immigrant social inclusion in Northern Ontario communities, Annual Conference of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada: Sport and Tourism Division, Virtual Conference, June 12-15.

Armenakyan, A. (2019). Team-building activity to deliver marketing concepts, Structured Abstract, Proceedings of the 2019 World Marketing Congress, Marketing Education track, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 9-12.

Armenakyan, A. (2019). Youth sport participation and Youth Olympic Games, Structured Abstract, Proceedings of the 2019 World Marketing Congress, Special Session: Sports Marketing, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 9-12.Armenakyan, A. & Baregheh, A. (2019). Organic Fresh Produce Purchase Behaviour in Armenia, 2019 Armenian Economic Association Conference, The Armenian Economic Association (AEA), Yerevan, Armenia, June 27-29.


For a complete list please see Dr. Armenakyan’s faculty web-page at  https://faculty.nipissingu.ca/anahita/


Selected non-refereed contributions and presentations

Armenakyan, A. (Presenter, May 2019) "Vancouver Winter Olympics, Buenos Aires Youth Summer Olympics: Marketing Major Sports Events,”, Seminar: Major Marketing Events and Their Communications, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 23.

Armenakyan, A. (Presenter, October 2018), “Consumer Ethnocentrism: Soviet vs. Modern Armenia,” Groupe de Recherche en Affaire Internationales Lecture Series, HEC Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, November 6.

Armenakyan, A. (Workshop Leader, April 2017). "The power of games," (Workshop, 2017 Annual Spring Conference of the Ontario Business Educators' Association, Toronto) and (Workshop, Halton District School Board Regional Professional Development Day, Milton).

Armenakyan, A. (Presenter, October 2015). “The effects of country-of-origin on partners’ perceptions of trustworthiness in international business collaborations,” Groupe de Recherche en Affaire Internationales Lecture Series, HEC Montreal, Montreal,

Heslop, A. (Presenter), Armenakyan, A., Nadeau, J., & O’Reilly, N. (2011). “The Tinkerbell effect: The power of beliefs for Canada and the Olympics,” (Vancouver, Canada: Carleton University Alumni Association, Vancouver Chapter, March 11). Invited presentation