Dr. Aaron Kociolek

Aaron Kociolek photo
Associate Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education - Physical and Health Education
Graduate Program Coordinator / Graduate Studies - Kinesiology, MSc
Full-time Faculty
Graduate Program Coordinator
BSc (Hons), Laurentian University
MSc, McMaster University
PhD, McMaster University
Areas of Specialization:

​Biomechanics and Ergonomics

Research Interests:

​General: Occupational biomechanics, Ergonomics, Neuromuscular control, Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, Injury prevention

Specific: Wrist and hand biomechanics, Pathomechanics, Injury mechanisms, Sensorimotor function, Ergonomic assessment methods, Workplace interventions

Methods: Surface and fine wire electromyography, Motion capture, CyberGlove, Ultrasound imaging, Computer modelling, Cadaver tissue testing

Current & Future Research:
​Lab-Based Research:

Quantifying tendon motion and shear in the carpal tunnel;

Defining normative wrist and hand metrics for functional capacity evaluation;

Developing a realistic hand model with motion capture;

Validating the CyberGlove III during realistic work simulation;

Sensorimotor adaptations during physically and cognitively demanding work with simultaneous exposure to whole-body vibration

Field-Based Research:

Ergonomic assessment of hand-held needle versus needle-free injectors for medicine and vaccine delivery in the Canadian Pork Industry;

6-axis measurement of head/neck vibration while operating all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Current Research Funding:

Development of a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating workplace musculoskeletal injury interventions: swine injection technologies. 2016–2018. Funded by the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba for $100,000.00 (Role: Co-Investigator).

The combined effects of whole body vibration and fatiguing tasks on human performance: addressing risk factors for vehicle collisions. 2016–2017. Funding from the College of Medicine Research Award, University of Saskatchewan for $28,592.00 (Role: Co-Investigator).


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