Indigenous Summer Programs 2023

Tuition (Includes Ancillary Fees, where applicable)*
Indigenous Teacher Education Program $5,203.80
Indigenous Classroom Assistant Diploma Program $5,155.47
Teacher of Indigenous Languages as a Second Language Program $5,203.80

* Subject to change based on Board of Governors and Ancillary Fees Committee Approval

Room Type 6 Weeks​ Deposit​
Single TBD TBD
Family (2 Adults/2 Children) TBD TBD
Family (3 Adults/1 Child) TBD​ TBD
Family​ (4 Adults) TBD TBD


Fees are due the Friday of the first week of class. If you are being sponsored, your sponsorship letter must be received in the Finance Office no later than June 1, 2023.

Please note that the cost of textbooks for all of the programs will be approximately $300.00

For further information on these programs please contact the Office of Indigenous Initiatives​​.​

**An interest charge at the rate of 1.5% will be assessed monthly (19.56% effective annual rate) on all student accounts with balances outstanding after the relevant due date for fees incurred.  Interest will not be waived for late payments.**​​​

Non-payment of fees may render a student ineligible for registration in future sessions. In addition, students who are in financial arrears to the university may face deregistration from future courses and will not be issued their transcripts of record, statement of standing, degree or related evidence of their academic progress until such time as their account is cleared.​​