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Modern Languages at Nipissing

Nipissing University offers Minor degrees in French and Spanish. Education students who take a Minor in French or Spanish generally go on to acquire qualifications as language teachers, however, a Minor in French or Spanish is an invaluable asset for students majoring in any other discipline, such as Business or Nursing, because language skills give graduates a competitive edge in professional employment markets. Studies in French language and Francophone culture are integral to understanding Canadian culture and identity from both a historical and modern perspective. French-speakers from around the world are changing Canada’s mosaic. A solid command of standard French and an introduction to its diverse cultural particularities are thus vital for those seeking to make an impact in business, education, government and public, policy, culture and the arts in Canada. For those seeking careers that will take them abroad, both French and Spanish are vital as French and Spanish speaking countries comprise some of Canada’s most important trading partners. Professionals who are proficient in both French and Spanish are in high demand by employers in both the public and private sectors.