NU Alumnus Receives Prestigious Award for Teaching Excellence 

Anna Pearson Prime Minister Award with class
Anna Pearson and her students in January 2020 on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Nipissing University lecturer and alumnus, Anna Pearson, has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in recognition of her “remarkable achievements in education and a commitment to preparing students for a digital and innovation-based economy.” 

Pearson holds a B.A. (History, French), B.Ed, and M.Ed from Nipissing University and is currently a PhD student at York University. 

Over the past 15 years, Pearson has taught in both elementary and secondary settings in Ontario as well as in international settings. She is currently a full-time grade 5/6 French Immersion teacher at Sunset Park Public School in North Bay and a lecturer in the Schulich School of Education, teaching social studies, history, and geography to Bachelor of Education Students. She is also a professional associate with the Centre for War, Atrocity and Genocide at Nipissing University. 

“Teaching is my passion. Daily I witness the impact I have on young minds,” states Pearson. “I teach my students to think critically about the world around them so that they are thoughtful, engaged, informed, and responsible citizens.”  

She ensures that her classroom is a safe and collaborative space where students feel comfortable and empowered and encourages them to make connections within their local and global community. 

“It is important for me as a teacher to incorporate a variety of stimulating and engaging lessons where students learn through exploration and hands-on practice to keep students active and engaged in the curriculum,” says Pearson.  

She states that as a holistic teacher, her greatest reward comes when she can send her students forward, confident in that their education is far more than “facts and figures” but has also prepared them to meet the moral and ethical challenges they will face in the future. 

Pearson will be meeting with MP Anthony Rota to receive her award certificate and an official letter from the Prime Minister.  

“At first, I could not believe that I was nominated and selected as recipient. It is the highest honour I can receive as a teacher in the country. I am very humbled, honoured, and thankful to receive this prestigious award.”  

As a Nipissing alumnus, Pearson believes that Nipissing’s Bachelor of Educations program set her up for a successful career as a teacher and that her career as an educator confirms that it is the best Bachelor of Education program in Canada.  

“Now as a lecturer in the Schulich School of Education, it is an honour and privilege to bring that same passion for learning and teaching to my current B.Ed. students at Nipissing University.”  

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