Celebrate Freedom to Read with a banned book

The Harris Learning Library is celebratingFreedom to Read Week, February 24 to March 2, with a display of notorious books, challenged in Canada and censored and burned around the world. Be warned, these horrifying works of literature could induce critical thinking and challenge the status quo!The display will be housed in the Atrium of the Harris Learning Library. The resources on display are meant to be checked out and enjoyed, so don’t be shy about removing the display items - there are plenty of challenged works in the library’s collection!
Some of the books Challenged in Canada and their crimes are:
The Handmaid’s Tale, charged with the crimes of profane language, anti-Christian overtones, violence and sexual degradation.
The Harry Potter series, charged with the crime of portraying children engaged in wizardry, witchcraft, and magic-making, and that these activities are inappropriate for young readers.
Catcher in the Rye, charged with the crime of using foul language.
Dance me Outside, charged with the crime of including some things that might be objectionable if taken out of context . . . A 14-year-old might not get the idea that Kinsella is using irony.
Here's a partial list of otherworks that have been challenged in Canada.
And from around the world:
Alice in Wonderland, charged with the crime of using anthropomorphic animals (seriously? not the drugs?).
Madame Bovary, charged with the crime of offenses against public morals.
The Grapes of Wrath, charged with the crime of unflattering portrayal of area residents.

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