Mylae Robson

MRobson photo
Manager, Extended Learning / Administrative Departments - Ancillary Services - Extended Learning
Mylae Robson (she/her) is the Manager of Extended Learning at Nipissing’s Teaching Hub. She is responsible for the implementation and oversight of all non-credit courses and extended learning offerings at Nipissing University, including, but not limited to workforce development, continuing studies, community engagement, high school transition programs, summer camps for younger children, third age learning, and micro-credentials. She works with a broad slate of stakeholders to create programming that serves the needs of the region, but also continues to advance the reputation of Nipissing University. Her passion toward education and creating professional development opportunities outside traditional degree requirements has been reflected in her career at Nipissing University which began in 2008. She has developed and delivered programs including, but not limited to; the Professional Learning Program within the Schulich School of Education, Experiential Learning Program for Arts and Science and Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Day Camps. Her broad range of skills and demonstrated leadership in professional development, hands-on learning experiences and partnerships have enriched the learning experiences of countless learners and have contributed to increased learner involvement and retention.
Mylae believes that everyone has the right to learn and as an educator she pays close attention to the creation and delivery of any program she oversees to ensure that offerings are accessible and result in positive, engaged participants who feel supported.
BA (Honours), Nipissing University
BEd, Nipissing University