Dr. Gordon Morrell

Gordon Morrell Profile Photo
Instructor / Faculty of Arts and Science - History, Anthropology and Ancient Studies - History
Part-time Faculty
BA, University of Waterloo
MA, University of Waterloo
PhD, Michigan State University
Areas of Specialization:

19th and 20th Century International History, Russian-Soviet history, the History of Secret Intelligence.

Research Interests:

Anglo-Soviet relations in the Interwar (1919-1939) and early Cold War. 

Current & Future Research:

Traitors, True-Believers and British Counter-Intelligence in the 1930s, Soviet Defectors and the Great Purges: Reassessing the world of Walter Krivitsky.

The political economy of globalization in the nineteenth century.


The Nineteeth Century: The First Age of Industrial Globalization (with Dr. Maartje Abbenhuis) forthcoming publication in the New International History series with Bloomsbury Press (2018-19). Britain Confronts the Stalin Revolution: the Metro-Vickers Crisis and Anglo-Soviet Relations(Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1995)

"A Higher Stage of Imperialism? The Big Three, the UN Trusteeship System and the Early Cold War" in Imperialism On Trial, edited by R.M. Douglas, Elizabeth Bishop and Michael D. Callahan (Lexington Books, 2006).