Employment Posting:
Counsellors, Teachers, Nurses, Lifeguards & Activity Specialists

Employment Type:
Graduated Student
Current Student
Closing Date:

Employer: Camp Kodiak

Camp Kodiak is seeking students and recent graduates to join our team as Teachers, Lifeguards, Cabin Counsellors, and Activity Specialists in our overnight summer camp program for children and teens with & without Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and ASD. A summer at Kodiak will provide you with: practical experience for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Education, Psychology, Social Work, Childcare, Nursing, or Recreation & Leisure Studies, two months of experience to assist you in future interviews for career opportunities in your field of expertise, a chance to determine and develop your strengths and opportunities for growth before stepping into your career, professional leadership development in an informal and fun environment, many possibilities for networking and connection with other staff members who are currently working in your field, and our staff often report that they gained admission to the program of their choice or landed their first professional assignment because of the Kodiak experience on their resume!

Job Type: Summer

Hours of Work: Congregate living setting with specific hours & days off


Duties & Qualifications:

We are seeking applicants who are passionate about education, social work, and outdoor recreation. If you enjoy working with children & teens and are looking to gain more practical experience in your field, please submit an application and we will connect with you for more information regarding the position.


How to Apply:

Please complete and submit an application form at https://www.campkodiak.com/staff/. If you have any questions regarding your application, you can email them to: megan@campkodiak.com.