Academic Petitions

An academic petition is a request that you be granted an exception to an academic regulation with which all students must comply. A petition will be considered when your circumstance meets each of the following conditions:

  1. was beyond your control;
  2. could not reasonably have been anticipated or over-come; and
  3. has seriously affected your studies.

NOTE: A petition request is NOT appropriate for fee refund requests, coursework issues within the term, course content concerns, or grade appeals​.



The Academic Petition Form and Personal Letter must accompany all academic petition requests. All student information must be included.

Petitions concerning Counselling and Student Accessibility Services, medical services, late registration or late withdrawal must have the associated form completed and submitted.

Requests for an exception to program requirements should include supporting documentation from the Department.

IMPORTANT: BScN-RPN Bridging (Blended Delivery) Program Students applying for Fall 2021

Applicants who have previously been unsuccessful (or asked to withdraw) from a BScN program within the last 5 years will be required to submit a petition to the Academic Awards, Appeals and Petitions Committee. The petition should outline the extenuating circumstances that affected the applicant’s performance and what steps they have taken to ensure success in Nipissing’s BScN program. Applicants will also be required to submit a Release of Information form granting the institution where they were registered in a BScN program to release any misconduct and/or clinical performance information to Nipissing.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

The Academic Awards, Appeals and Petitions Committee (AAAPC) meeting dates are listed below. Following the AAAPC meeting, students are notified through their Nipissing University e-mail address to check the status of their petition on WebAdvisor under "Communication" and "Other Correspondence". Select desired item and click on "Submit" to view the petition request and decision. Due to the COVID-19 situation, please allow up to two weeks for your petition result to be processed.

January 14, 2021 January 7, 2021
February 2, 2021 January 26, 2021
March 2, 2021 February 23, 2021
April 1, 2021 March 25, 2021
April 29, 2021 April 22, 2021

Questions or concerns regarding Academic Petitions can be directed to

Keep your information up-to-date! Make sure we have your current contact information on WebAdvisor.

Academic Petition Procedure:

To initiate an academic petition, students must submit the following forms/information:

  1. A completed copy of the Academic Petition Form;
  2. A Personal Letter (typed or clearly handwritten);
  3. Any relevant supporting documentation (ie petitions submitted on medical grounds require an Attending Physician's Statement; those requesting late registration must include a Late Registration Form, exception to program requirements requires support from the Department, etc.).
  4. You will receive an e-mail notification, through your Nipissing University student e-mail account, to check your petition status on WebAdvisor.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure all necessary documentation to support your Academic Petition is received by the Registrar's Office.
  • Incomplete petitions will not be accepted.
  • AAAPC decisions are final and may not be appealed.
  • Guidelines for the AAAPC can be found at this link.

Academic Petition Form Descriptions:

Undergraduate Academic Petition Form​

This mandatory form summarizes the information that you have included, and the courses that are involved (if any).

Personal Letter

This mandatory personal letter must be an explanation of the problems and circumstances which have prompted the petition. It is imperative that the personal letter be carefully prepared and circumstances clearly documented.

The petition letter must be organized under the following two headings:

  1. Regulation(s) being petitioned; clearly indicate the regulation(s) from which you are seeking exemption.
  2. Extenuating circumstance(s) beyond your control which adversely affected your ability to comply with that regulation, policy, rule or deadline. If you are requesting to drop some but not all of your courses in a term or session, explain your selectivity and provide supporting documentation.

Remember to indicate the following when preparing your personal letter:

  • your name and student number;
  • always identify the term, course code and section (where applicable);
  • documents you are enclosing with your petition

Requests for an exception to program requirements should include supporting documentation from the Department.

Attending Physician's Statement

Petitions submitted on medical grounds must include an Attending Physician's Statement form. This form is to be completed and signed by your physician. The Attending Physician's Statement must give the full name, mailing address and telephone number of the attending physician. Note: The Physician's office may be contacted to verify that the forms were completed by the physician.

Counselling & Student Accessibility Services Form

If you have utilized Counselling and Student Accessibility Services, this form is to be completed and signed by your counsellor.

Note: Counselling & Student Accessibility Services may be contacted to verify that the forms were completed by the counsellor.

Late Registration Form

Students who are petitioning to register in a course after the last date to add the course has passed must complete this form, and obtain the approval of the course instructor.

Late Withdrawal Form

Students who are petitioning to withdraw after the last date to drop the course must complete this form, and obtain the approval of the course instructor.

Petition Checklist

The Petition Checklist is supplied for your personal use to ensure that all documentation is submitted with your Academic Petition. It is your responsibility to ensure all documentation is received in the Registrar's Office within one month of filing your petition or it will be cancelled. Students can resubmit a complete petition after this time.

It is recommended that you retain a copy of any documents you will be submitting with your petition.​​​