Literacy Camp

***All NU Reads events are currently on hold due to a change in leadership. Please check back for updates. 

NU Reads offers Literacy Camps for ages 7-11 and Play & Learn Literacy Camps for ages 4-6. Please click each tab for further information. Our two camps join together during some portions of the day (e.g. lunch, outdoor play, and reading buddies).

Camps are held at Nipissing University and are led by Nipissing University teacher education students.

Please provide a lunch for your child. A Friday afternoon snack will be provided and will be prepared together with the campers.

Sign up for one or more weeks. Spaces are limited.​

Description: Each theme sets the stage for a week-long journey filled with hands-on, authentic literacy learning opportunities connected to art, science, nature and more!

Weeks & Themes: Descriptions of future camp offerings will be noted below. 

Description: From shared book reading to alphabet games and more, our play-based learning environment provides opportunities for exploration and enjoyment while building literacy skills.

Weeks & Themes: Descriptions of future camp offerings will be noted below.

*We are not running camps during the summer of 2022. Pricing will be updated the next time camps are offered.

Drop Off: Camp begins at 9:00 but our camp facilitators will be in the front foyer of Nipissing University to greet your child(ren) beginning at 8:30. During this time, we have a cart available with various games and books for campers to join in together. 

Pick Up: Camp ends at 4:00. Our camp facilitators will have your child(ren) ready for pick-up between 3:45-4:00 in the courtyard directly in front of the library (or in the front foyer on rainy/hot days).

Before/After Hours Care: We aim to provide before-hours (as early as 8:00) and after-hours care (as late as 5:00) pending the availability of our camp facilitators each year for an additional fee of $5 per day/per child. Please indicate your need for before/after care on your registration form and our coordinator will be in touch with you prior to the camp to ensure we are able to have a staff member present. Payment for before/after hours care is in cash on the day off or by the end of the camp week. We appreciate that circumstances out of your control may occur from time to time but our camp facilitators also need to prepare for the next day's learning opportunities.

Lunch takes place everyday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. During this time, both of our camp rooms join together allowing for social time with all campers. After campers eat their lunches, we will play an educational/family-friendly movie for those interested as well as provide other table-top activities and games. If you’re on campus, please feel free to join us! You’re also welcome to sign out your child out if you’d like to take them to the cafeteria to eat with you.

Example of Past Camp for "Inventor's Workshop" *Future dates/themes to be determined each year.

Calling all inventors and designers! You’re invited to help us transform our camp rooms into an inventor’s workshop. We’ll read stories about inventions, explore what we can create with found materials, and celebrate what we can do with an idea!

Example of Past Camp for "Heroes are Everywhere!"

Storybooks are full of heroes, from superheroes to everyday heroes and heroes from history. Join us as we take a closer look at what it means to be a hero - both in storybooks and in real life. On our final day, you’ll be invited to come dressed up as one of your favourite heroes!

Example of Past Camp for "Author Exploration - Mo Willems Week"

Our inspiration for this week is author Mo Willems! Our youngest campers will explore the stories of Knufflebunny and Pigeon, while our older campers join in the adventures of Piggie & Elephant. We’ll also discover some new characters in Willem’s less well-known books. You will have the opportunity to role-play characters, try on your illustrator hats and more! On our final day, you’ll be invited to come dressed up as a Mo Willems character or as a character from one of your favourite authors!

Example of Past Camp for "Welcome to Animal Planet!"

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Did you know a snail can sleep for 3 years! There are so many facts we can learn about animals! Join us as we explore fiction and non-fiction titles about various animals around the world. You will even have the opportunity to role-play/dress up as one of your favourite animals!