Transfer Credit/Second Degree Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed some courses at another university. Can I receive transfer credit for those courses?

You may be eligible for transfer credit for undergraduate courses taken at another post-secondary institution.  This is determined by the Admissions Office.  Transfer credit is granted on a course-by-course basis.  Transfer credit is only granted for courses with a grade of C (60%) or higher.  Transfer credit may be granted for courses with a grade of D (50-59%)if there are A (80%+) and B grades (70 - 79%)on the transcript to compensate for the D grade.  Please note that all students must meet Nipissing University’s residency requirements and degree requirements regardless of how many transfer credits are granted. 


At what point will I be given my transfer credit?

Your transfer credit will be processed when you have accepted your offer of admission and submitted your final post-secondary transcript showing that your diploma has been awarded and/or your undergraduate final grades are posted.  When you request your final college transcript, please ensure that your transcript indicates that you have graduated, and your diploma/degree is awarded.  

Note:  Until your final transcript has been received and your transfer credits are   

processed, you may not be able to register in some of your courses because you may not have the prerequisites for certain upper- year courses.  Once your transfer credit evaluation is complete, you will be able to view it on WebAdvisor under ‘Unofficial Transcript’ and ‘Summary of Transfer Credits’.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your final transcript is submitted.  Please check the status of your final transcript in WebAdvisor under Important Documents – Outstanding/Received to ensure that your final transcript is marked received.  Transcripts sent before graduationwill not indicate that you have graduated and your WebAdvisor account will indicate “Must Re-Submit – Not Final”.  

I have received my transfer credit. How do I know what courses I should register in?

The Academic Advising Department can assist you with your course selection to ensure you are taking the correct courses in the right order for a successful degree completion plan.  Please visit their website at to book an appointment or look at their self-help tools for assistance.   

Why didn’t I get credit for all my courses?

Transfer credits for college certificates or diplomas are NOT granted on a course-by-course basis.  Transfer credit is based on the overall learning outcomes of your complete college diploma/certificate program.  The courses that you receive credit for are the courses that we have determined are equivalent to your entire diploma program.    

The Admissions Office has determined the specific transfer credit for the program and stream from which you graduated.  Transfer credit may differ for each student based upon the diploma/certificate completed and the program to which you have been admitted to.  

Why didn’t I get credit for fourth-year courses?

Fourth-year undergraduate courses will not transfer as transfer credit.  These courses are referred to as ‘capstone courses’ – courses that bring all your learning together in the final stages of your degree program.  

Why didn’t I receive credit for a course that uses the same textbook as a course I took in college?

Even though the same textbook is used in university as the one used in college, it does not mean that the same content will be covered or that you will not learn anything new.  We have determined that our course does provide additional information that was not part of the college course.  

I have more than one diploma. Am I eligible for additional transfer credit?

You may be eligible for additional transfer credit for additional diplomas completed with a cumulative GPA of at least 70%.  The amount of transfer credit you will receive is determined by the Admissions Office.  Please note that all students must meet Nipissing University’s residency requirements and degree requirements regardless of how many transfer credits are granted.   

I have completed an undergraduate degree. Will I receive credit for those courses?

If you have already completed a degree at an accredited postsecondary institution, you may proceed to another undergraduate degree program in a different area of study as a “second degree” student at Nipissing University. Second degree students are exempt from having to repeat any equivalent required courses and may be exempt from some or all electives.  

The Academic Advising Office assesses documentation and transcripts for second degree students and creates program plans for students based on their previous studies and the degree program to which you have been admitted.   

Please note that all students must meet Nipissing University’s residency and degree requirements. 

I have both a diploma and a degree. Am I eligible to receive credit for both?

You may be eligible for both a second degree program plan and transfer credit for your completed diploma. The Admissions Office and the Academic Advising Office will work to create a plan that takes into consideration the work you complete within both your diploma and degree.