Dr. Nancy Stevens

Nancy Stevens photo
Assistant Professor / Faculty of Arts and Science - Gender Equality and Social Justice, Religion and Cultures and Indigenous Studies - Indigenous Studies
Full-time Faculty
Nancy Stevens completed her PhD in Indigenous Studies at Trent University, her MEd in Adult Education – Indigenous Specialization at OISE/University of Toronto, and her BA in Social Development Studies – Social Work stream through the University of Waterloo.
Nancy has worked in the field of Indigenous mental health and wellness as a counsellor and coordinator with Indigenous programs and organizations, largely in northern and rural Ontario, and in Yukon Territory. At the same time, she has been post-secondary educator at various institutions in Indigenous and human/social services-focused programs. As a woman of Kaien’kehá:ka and European descent, and as an adoptee, Nancy has a deep interest in the intersections of identity, trauma, and healing. She did not grow up connected to her ancestral culture, but through her role as a helper and through her education, has been heavily influenced by Anishinaabe teachings and practices.

BA, University of Waterloo
MEd, OISE/University of Toronto
PhD, Trent University

Nancy’s research maintains the thread of her focus as a counsellor in Indigenous services and the issues that emerge, not only for those seeking help, but also for the helpers.  Questions around ethics and the context of differences in worldviews and the importance of ensuring Indigenous clients of mainstream helping services are receiving culturally safe and appropriate care are some of her areas of research.  She also has an extensive background in curriculum, workshop and training development and facilitation for frontline community workers, educators, and administrators.


Journal Publications:

Ariss, R. and Stevens, N.   (2022).  Planting Seeds Through Indigenous Pedagogy: Picking up the Reconciliation Bundle in the Academy. Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 41(1).  P. 79-104.

Charles, R., Snyder, L. and Stevens, N.  (2018).  Giidosendiwag (We Walk Together): Creating Culturally-Based Supports for Urban Indigenous Youth in Care.  Journal of Law and Social Justice, 28(1).  P. 101-131.

St. Germaine, J. and Stevens, N.  (2003).  Using the Gifts of the Trickster: Balancing Self in the Helping Field.  Native Social Work Journal, 5.  P. 155-171.

Stevens, N.  (2010).  From the Inside Out: Spirituality as the Heart of Aboriginal Helping in (spite of?) Western Systems Native Social Work Journal, 7.  P. 181-197.

Book Chapters

Stevens, N.  (2020).  The Roots of Life and Wellness: Healing Anishinaabe Identity Through Ceremony and Culture.  In Decolonizing Mental Health: Embracing Indigenous Multi-Dimensional Balance, J. Charlton (Ed.).  Vernon, BC: J. Charlton Publishing.

Electronic Documents and Multi-Media Productions

First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework Orientation Manual. Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, First Peoples Wellness Circle, and the Assembly of First Nations (2022-2023)

Workplace Well-Being Curriculum Manuals – Trainer’s Facilitation Manual; Participants’ Manual. First Peoples Wellness Circle, Nipissing First Nation, Ontario (2021)

Module 12 – Introduction to Decolonizing the Academy. Developed as an online module for the orientation of upper administrators in the post-secondary sector. Ontario Tech University and Durham College (2021)

Indigenous Families, Colonial Disruptions, & Clinical Issues – staff training manual and facilitation guide. Mawiomi Treatment Centre, Gesgapegiag, Quebec (2019)

Introduction for Compendium of Promising Practices to Reduce Violence and Increase Safety of Aboriginal Women in Canada (2012). https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/cj-jp/fv-vf/comp-recu/p5.html